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When heavy winds coincide with especially high tides, it becomes liquid chaos and disaster for the unwitting seafarer.
Not only no two poets but no two readers would exactly coincide in their sense of rhythm.
Apart from this, the adaptation has been consistently made, and the works coincide in much of their detail.
In a small part of their vocabulary the idiomatic and the slangy will coincide, and be therefore confused by the undiscerning.
Happily for the human race, legality and reality do not always coincide.
The job security of an industry-oriented major may not coincide with high earnings, the report cautions.
The biologist's interests and my own coincide perfectly.
In an ideal case, these interests coincide, and the promotion goes through without the slightest friction.
It never fails that the start of school will coincide with some kind of aggravating complication in one's personal life.
Unfortunately, those early years of parenting usually coincide with the critical early stages of an academic career.
The specific needs of all these groups do not necessarily coincide.
And the growing influence of hedge funds did indeed coincide with a decline in market volatility.
His persona and prose have come to coincide, as if engaged in a century-long solar eclipse.
The world is not so governed from above that private and social interest always coincide.
Unlike an oil spill, the algae blooms that create the slime occur naturally when certain conditions coincide in the ocean.
Peak load times happen to coincide with the peak hours for sunshine.
Language can shape thought, so it's best to stick to a system that appears to support ideas which do not coincide with reality.
In our modern day, he says, the biological interests of the infants might not coincide with the best interests of the parents.
The onset of symptoms happens to coincide with the time that children start to receive their first vaccinations.
As you are aware this set of ideas does not coincide with the set of ideas called string theory.
Because the two things coincide in time does not prove a causative link.
Three of the cruises will coincide with annual sailing parades in the region.
These months also conveniently coincide with the nicest weather the state has to offer.
If his or her taste and yours don't coincide, buy a piece or two to show your loyal support-but don't wear them.
But they start to solidify when diverse people have moments when aspirations coincide.
Unfortunately, the political priorities addressed here do not coincide with what is best for the economy.
But moral and political judgment do not always so happily coincide.
As you point out, our views are shaped by experiences that coincide on some points, and differ significantly in others.
The two conditions had to coincide for the trick to work.
Whether the interests of these countries coincide with those of the wider world, though, is moot.
He says that managers should ask whether the system's technical demands coincide or conflict with their companies' business goals.
Her aim is to get results, timed if possible to coincide with elections.
With the end of the cold war their interests sometimes coincide.
But although nomadism and travel can coincide, they need not.
All the same, the government has timed the reform carefully to coincide with the approach of the annual long summer holidays.
The programme was timed to coincide with the release of seven political prisoners.
But the different acids mentioned coincide with my studies.
Because the appearance of molecules that maintain our fluid balance coincide with the evolution of multicellular life.
They rely upon little more than rumors they heard in their subculture and believe them since they coincide with their prejudices.
Instead, all that can be done is to interpret abnormal behaviors that coincide with either high levels of stress or pleasure.
Or a psychology without the conception of internal and external needs that don't coincide.
But that doesn't necessarily coincide with what is in your heart.
Now, that's not to say marriage doesn't coincide with significant economic benefits.
Generally, fishing seasons do not coincide with the calendar year.

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