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When a lack of money began to make itself felt, he printed and circulated a paper coinage of his own.
Money has always followed security and authority because coinage is more efficient.
Their more positive impacts included the introduction of trade, shipbuilding, and coinage.
And speaking of letting us, a final spell check coinage to celebrate has already been snatched away.
Alloys of gold with copper are a reddish yellow and are used for coinage and jewelry.
Those metals seem originally to have been made use of for this purpose in rude bars, without any stamp or coinage.
When the latter becomes one of the former, a new word will fill its place, by further shift or by coinage.
But that was not the only reason the coinage was unwise.
Ironically, there's no similar limit on the amount of coinage.
Somewhat ironically, the perceived long-term value of the colonial coinage has risen above that of the new coinage.
Unfortunately, few of the relevant names lend themselves comfortably to this coinage.
But this riot of fantasy, this coinage of a disordered brain, did not impair the exercise of a shrewd wit.
Sorry, but the skeptic in me must point out that this is not a new coinage.
Thus, there is value in having coinage that is worth more than the government support price.
They sell at prevailing gold market prices, plus a small premium to cover coinage and distribution costs.
For centuries many countries used silver for coinage.

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