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He said the heat had melted the bucket, causing the hot coil to fall against the wooden side of a horse stall.
Such machines use a bank of capacitors to discharge a current rapidly through a coil.
Finally, a fan blows air through the refrigerant coil and into the ducts of the house.
He straps on a pair of steel spurs and hefts a coil of thick rope.
The side effect of the process is that the coil expands and explodes violently inside the chamber.
Hall has invented is a shallow tray powered by what is known as a bimetal coil.
In the third group, the chamber was surrounded by an electro-magnetic coil.
One end of the wire remains attached to the ground, while the coil in the moving rocket unwinds.
The car's receiving coil still needs to be fairly close to the charger's emitting coil.
The second copper coil is designed to resonate with that oscillating magnetic field.
The job of the core is to intensify the magnetic field generated when a current flows through the coil.
When a rattler encounters a human, it will often coil itself and be threatening.
One of the easiest ways of generating electricity is to rotate a coil of wire in a magnetic field.
The coil blocks blood flow to the bad vein, and sends it to normal veins.
It even lets the account holder send messages to the living long after he or she has shuffled off this mortal coil.
The animal can coil these up in two pockets between its third and fourth arms.
The concept involved using a magnetic coil or electric field to focus electrons to a single point.
The farmer set a time, and the sound of the alarm fed into an interface that signaled the coil of the pump's starter.
The coil generates a magnetic field when electricity is applied to it.
Its vines coil up around other plants, pulling them over or smothering them.
Each probe contains a magnet suspended within a wire coil.
The cord-keeper also makes it convenient to pull out a coil or two when you want more slack.
Its wooden planks are lashed together with a coil of metal as if each section of pipe were a long, narrow barrel.
He also inexplicably had a coil of magnet wire as well.
Other people are having their thesis's or dissertations coil or comb bound.
When he did find it, he tied the end of the rope around its base and dropped the coil over the bluff.
Still, as she deftly fashions her hair into a neat coil, she remembers how her husband would always compare it to monsoon clouds.
They live in tropical rain forests, where they coil up on tree branches.
Take each piece separately in hands and twist from ends in opposite directions, coil and bring ends together at top of cake.
Take each piece separately in hands and twist from ends in opposite directions, then shape in a coil.
Begin at centre of top and coil frosting around until surface is covered.
Coil the cord around the dryer nozzle or wrap and secure it by itself.
Then run a lot of electricity through the coil, which will generate a reasonably powerful magnetic field.
Once the catheter was positioned properly, a metallic coil was threaded into the feeder vessel, causing it to clot off.
The snake is perfectly posed, with its head resting atop a coil and its body encircling a crushed egg.
On the other hand, a tesla coil typically transmits at all frequencies.
If you bring a primary coil near the device, you inductively stimulate current flows.
As the current alternates, the magnetic field reverses, creating an electric field that induces a current in the secondary coil.
The modern school lacks suspense in severing the mortal coil.
The thought of shuffling off our mortal coil can make all of us a little squeamish.
If they don't know what a t-coil is, they won't know to push the button and try it out when they are in a looped venue.
Space gives energy time to gain momentum in each new coil and recoil event.
The guitar has two pickups that can be set to single-coil or double coil, in phase or out of phase.
The dots use a custom actuator, with the magnet actually running around the coil.
The modem wire was rolled up in a coil, the power cable unplugged, and the printer attached to the wrong port.
All guitar pickups employ essentially the same design: one or more magnets wrapped in a thin coil of wire.
When the power from the wall is turned on, electricity from the first metal coil creates a magnetic field around that coil.
It consists of a diaphragm attached to a coil which sits in a magnetic field.
To allow faster tuning, the researchers built a laser with a coil of optical fiber several kilometers long.
When the device is shaken, the cantilever oscillates, causing the magnets to move backward and forward across the coil.
In the researchers' prototype, electric current flows through a coil, inducing a magnetic field.
Gadgets would need to be equipped with a coil and special power-harvesting circuitry to use the power pad.
When they plugged one coil into the wall, alternating current flowed through it, creating a magnetic field.
Slipping off the mortal coil is no excuse for slacking off.
She would coil her long red hair into a bun and stay in her room for hours.
That, unfortunately, is the way that many people in the rich world shuffle off this mortal coil.
Most horror stories dangle gruesome ways of shuffling off this mortal coil.

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