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But all things that are made of concrete juices are brittle, and no way cohesive or tenacious.
They live in cohesive social groups and fight rarely.
Using the right techniques, anyone has the ability to get millions of people organized in a cohesive way.
The resulting two-layer raft is cohesive, buoyant and water-repellent.
In order have a cohesive ensemble they must work together and these ideas are carried over into other areas of their lives.
But there is not a cohesive literature on media bias.
It's a fascinating, edgy hybrid of these goals, cohesive despite itself.
And yet there seems to be little chance for a home-grown cohesive plan.
National service as a prerequisite to citizenship would make the status more meaningful, and the country more cohesive.
They didn't coordinate a cohesive messaging strategy.
No causal research has aggregated these priming tactics into a cohesive plan either.
It has a cohesive workforce and it can still come up with innovative products.
Teams need to be cohesive to work together, sports sociologists noted.
Some stories are funnier and more cohesive than others.
It created a socially cohesive group with both moral and fiscal responsibility for their bank.
Scientists often refer to these clay-rich lahar deposits as muddy lahars or cohesive lahars.
Each cohesive marker was circled in the specified transcript.

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