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Their stand is not so much against technology as against anything that threatens the cohesion of their community.
Self empowerment, social cohesion and improved literacy skills were all key outcomes from our previous phases.
The nation's economic health, social well- being, and political cohesion are also foreign-policy issues.
They will do so because of, not despite, the underlying cohesion achieved.
And what that in turn indicates for the political and cultural cohesion of this society.
The solutions produced by this group will express maximum diversity and maximum cohesion.
Once the crisis is over, though, apathy breaks up this cohesion.
Lifting the ban, which you call for, is not the answer because it would damage unit cohesion.
The cast is pretty much left to its own devices, and there is not much sense of cohesion among them.
It was seen as a great threat to employment by musicians and viewed with suspicion by those responsible for society's cohesion.
The genes that favor this type of group cohesion would also favor an innate sense of morality and group loyalty.
Individual humans became more than the sum of their parts, and for moments exhibited almost organismic levels of cohesion.
Not as a survival mechanism, not as a reproductive strategy, not as an instrument of group cohesion.
The story maintains cohesion and focus while giving each villain the appropriate attention.
On the other hand, even on the coldest days, the campus basks in the warmth of a culture that values cohesion over isolation.
To summarize, his message contains so many good points but for what it has in consistency, it lacks in cohesion and discipline.
Yet it manages to be true to the complexity of the case while never losing cohesion or coherence.
There is a family here, but it has neither cohesion nor the lack of it.
The recordings may have lost some of their earlier verve, but the band had only gained in cohesion and power.
It also reflects a stunning degree of political and social cohesion.
The need to build a new place to live every few weeks trumps familiar domestic comfort as a promoter of social cohesion.
Others suggest financial penalties, such as holding back cohesion and structural funds, even support for farming and fisheries.
When it comes to differences between countries, social cohesion plays a major role.
Two suggest they are functional-either serving to attract mates or fostering social cohesion and thus collaboration.
Touch, she insists, is not only the key to health and happiness but to social cohesion-even to war and peace.
Cultural cohesion is an advantage, though it comes under strain as partnerships expand.
And attempts to fight terrorism through tougher policing, which can alienate whole communities, make boosting cohesion harder.
Wilders is the biggest danger to the social cohesion in this country.
It's a system that has generated a lot of equality, more cohesion.
He delivered this message with a fair amount of cohesion.
Even with all of these factors, cohesion and sustainability is fragile, and the new discovery of oil probably won't help matters.
Cohesion was reinforced by intermarriages in the family.
Sociopolitical cohesion is vital for a strong state.

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