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It's spectacular, or so subtle only the cognoscenti catch the drift.
The cognoscenti favour slashes with narrow openings rather than cuts that have expanded and grown floppy.
Sixty years ago, the athletic cognoscenti held that running a four-minute mile was physically impossible.
Her work is what many contemporary art cognoscenti would call blissfully out of it.
The cognoscenti go to the back of the building facing the parking lots and give their cars to valets.
Local cognoscenti may admire her colorful and clever renderings hung above fireplaces in fashionable homes.
Art world cognoscenti say it cannot and should not be done.
When the train arrives at the border, the cognoscenti race off to shop for the three-and-a-half-hour process.
For years, apparently, engineering cognoscenti and amateur scientists have wrestled with clinging shower curtains.
The nation's backpacking cognoscenti laced up their hiking boots in anticipation.
Social media has become so ubiquitous in online endeavors that it is now shortened simply to social by the cognoscenti.
The cognoscenti of the fashion universe distinguish between fashion and style.
Before long, the political and cultural cognoscenti joined in the fun.
But national security cognoscenti knew exactly who he was: a killer.
Let me start with a little background for the non-cognoscenti among us.
Now it's true all the cognoscenti will be unchanged by that.

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