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Example sentences for cogent

It seems as though both extremes have cogent arguments arguing salubrious benefits.
In its theories and practice, the core ideas in finance are founded on a set of logically cogent ideas.
It was a cogent critique of the war, but its astounding impact was due mainly to who made it.
We have learned to ask such cogent questions because the news media does not.
However there are no cogent side-effects accepted off.
The arguments advanced in this communication seem to me, cogent and unanswerable.
What engrossed me was his way of shaping phrases into cogent arcs and sections, and bringing out the music's narrative urgency.
Answers should be crisp and cogent, but do not hesitate more than three seconds before responding.
And that's why the impact of the computerized voice and her cogent argument on behalf of people with autism is so powerful.
Cogent also complained that the request for additional price information was contrary to law and the solicitation requirements.
Paternity must be proved by clear, cogent, and convincing evidence.

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All logical truth and all truths that logic can warrant must turn upon meaning in the sense of intension. Because logic ... more
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