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Because of public transportation, such as a cog railway, getting there is part of the fun.
In the new organization, the worker is no longer a cog in the machine but is an intelligent part of the overall process.
If necessary, try yoga, or cog therapy to keep the physiological responses at healthy levels.
One of the steepest cog railways and a breathtaking tram ride over the gorge are exciting and wonderful for anyone.
Poke it in the hole on the cog side of the hub, turn the screw inside a few revolutions, and the hub locks down.
Tricky ascents are conquered by cable car, gondola, and cog train.
You're a tiny cog in the capitalist machine that's destroying the planet-and your own soul.
Doing science is being a small cog in a giant wheel.
When this doesn't work, he presents himself as a small cog and puts all the blame on others, subordinates as well as superiors.
When the gas giants of our system are together on the same side of their solar orbits, the sun moves away from the cog.
Other cog neuro areas aren't really doing any better.
The teacher's unions are one cog in an enormous dysfunctional system.
The furnishing of long-time capital is an essential cog in any economic system, whether capitalistic or communistic.
The question is whether one is merely a cog in a machine or expected to be an idea generator.
Once again the human being becomes a cog in the mechanism, an insignificant little cog.
These show that he was the central cog in a world-wide, largely clandestine network.
Cog looked at the eraser, then reached out and grabbed for it.
At last come a first few experiences in a theater as a tiny, nervous cog in the huge machinery of a ballet production.
Cog is physically gifted but completely lacking in social skills.
They're an important cog in the wheel of your family.
There's always the danger that the technology is merely adding another cog to the wheel of modern life.
They might even become a key cog in the way society works.

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