cofferdam in a sentence

Example sentences for cofferdam

Sheet piles pulled from south cofferdam are loaded onto barge.
The lowest contour line for each was the elevation of the top of the cofferdam.
Workers then go inside the cofferdam to prepare and construct the foundation.
The addition of impact attenuators, barriers or cofferdam type fender systems to redirect or lessen impact damage.
The specified fill material will be the same as that used for the cofferdam.
Construction of the guard rails and cofferdam ran concurrently.
It is often necessary to dewater from within a cofferdam to obtain a dry work area.
Once the pit is completely backfilled, the sheet-piling cofferdam will be removed.
Work is performed within a steel sheet piling cofferdam.
Driven sheet piles are used for shoring and cofferdam construction.
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