coffeehouse in a sentence

Example sentences for coffeehouse

Warm up with a velvety rich latte in the new home of locals' long-loved coffeehouse.
But notice the ways that the society's members made that space as warm and compelling as any great coffeehouse.
But he hopes to set up a recycling agreement with a coffeehouse chain.
Every few blocks a coffeehouse, the interior usually clad in warm wood, seems to pop up.
So do dozens, perhaps hundreds of other songwriters on the coffeehouse circuit.
The laid-back coffeehouse encourages patrons to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee while chatting with friends or family.
For dining, the hotel has two restaurants, a coffeehouse and two bars on site.
Amenities at the resort include an open-air coffeehouse and laundry service.
The hotel also features two sit-down restaurants and a coffeehouse.
The coffeehouse also sells breakfast, lunch, and baked goods.
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