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But there are also more coercive measures reportedly under consideration.
Using the coercive power of the state will not help the medically needy find efficient and effective care.
The drawback of such plans is that they often seem coercive.
It is alleged that they were hounded to their deaths by lenders' coercive recovery practices.
Democracy was restored and coercive population policies were abandoned.
Setting standards for that field is neither imperialistic nor coercive.
The evolution of languages around the globe today is spontaneous, cutting against the state's coercive power.
Parents must understand that coercive teaching cannot make learning happen.
Such coercive labelling is a first step towards discrimination or worse.
Examples of applied mathematics are critical, but to gear education toward any outcome is coercive and damaging.
Through numerous country studies, the author concludes that all durable regimes had essential coercive characteristics in common.
No other corrective or coercive techniques can be used while a detainee is in cramped confinement.
Military conscription is a coercive act of government.
But adherence to the rule of law, with its restrictions on coercive power, makes it more difficult to curb extremist elements.
The footnote meant, the officials said, that coercive techniques were still lawful.
It is my right to refuse coercive activity by the government and the citizenry.
Yes, letting the south peacefully secede would have been non-coercive.
Anything with any form of coercive power over other people is a government.
Those who protest coercive methods will exaggerate their horrors, which is good: it generates a useful climate of fear.
But your coercive powers aren't working out so well.
First, it needs to solve a problem to which there is no voluntary or non-coercive solution.
The system had the potential to be coercive, but its actual effect would depend on context and usage.
In a world absent a higher, coercive power, no state will willingly surrender sovereignty.
It is only in hindsight that one can say that a coercive policy on fertility was not needed.
It is a well established fact that juveniles are more vulnerable to coercive police interrogative techniques.

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