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Look for local peach cobbler and peach sangria as well.
Heavy foot traffic, the old saying goes, fills a shoe cobbler with joy.
Cobbler is, or should be, always served with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream.
It's all free-if you can resist buying some peach ice cream or cobbler.
For dessert, mouthwatering peach pie and cobbler are served year-round.
The recipe for this easy dessert cleverly uses pancake mix to make the top of the cobbler.
Industry and independent observers are now looking for the footprint, and trying to figure out who's going to be the cobbler.
After a long day on and off the slopes, sit by a cozy fire and enjoy apr├Ęs-ski drinks and a warm, comforting cobbler.
For dessert, bake dried fruits into bread, a cobbler or muffins.
He'd left the insurance business by then and was eking out a living as a cobbler.
Twice a week she sent me home with a feast: stewed oxtails, macaroni and cheese, peach cobbler and collard greens.
He started his first business as a cobbler and expanded to selling shoes.
The best desserts were the pecan pie, the chocolate walnut pie, the apple cobbler and fresh fruit.
Or you can prepare a cobbler in a foil pan and grill it on the dying coals.
It tells the story, through the eyes of a cricket, of a cobbler whose puppet comes to life.
There are peach cobbler bake-offs, peach-eating contests, and peach recipes handed down through the generations.
Fried chicken and ham were the preferred main dishes and dessert selections focused on apple pie and peach or blackberry cobbler.
Additional exhibits feature tools used by craftsmen such as the blacksmith, wheelwright, cooper and cobbler.
Center potluck dinners have featured peach chutney, cherry cobbler, and pesto pasta created from garden.

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