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Evolution is a strange process indeed, to cobble together organisms who so completely and emotionally reject it.
Not sure what this paper was attempting to cobble together, but it failed.
Only panga fishermen seem to camp on the rough, cobble beaches.
But keep in mind that adjunct jobs don't pay a living wage, even if you were to cobble together several of them.
Somebody will cobble together that belated committee report.
Before, the government had to cobble a majority together from various hanger-on parties.
We will cobble a heavy launcher from obsolete space shuttle parts.
But given the political realities of the moment, it was all the leaders of the two parties could cobble together.
The deposition of silt and debris between the individual rocks or cobble over time contributes to weed growth.
Cobble beaches are also usually marked by steep berms that correspond to the maximum height reached by the swash runup.
One feature of interest was a linear anomaly that appeared to be a cobble foundation buried below ground.
Cobble linings are often used when a decorative channel design is needed.
Also, abrading or smoothing the rock surface was likely done with a stone block or flattened cobble.
Pool substrates are a mixture of substrate materials with little to no deposition of fines and gravel or cobble prevalent.
The substrate of the river varies from bedrock and boulders to cobble and gravel.

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For nations vague as weed, For nomads among stones, Small-statured cross-faced tribes And cobble-close fami... more
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