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Example sentences for cobalt blue

Shades of a cobalt blue fresco can be found above the stepped altar.
The color is magnificent, with the cobalt blue sky in the background and the warm light on the lion.
The dark cobalt blue of the ocean was the only color the artists were unable to find in stone.
Harder to find colors include sea foam and olive green, aqua, cobalt blue and amber.
It is all cobalt blue, with yellow trim around its eyes and bill, and there is more than a yard of it.
Beside them were battered cobalt blue trucks-the ones used to whisk away prisoners and detainees.
Cobalt blue is the characteristic color of stoneware decoration.
These pieces were usually oversized and frequently decorated with elaborate and unusual cobalt blue designs.
Its cobalt blue color, biologically diverse alpine setting and remarkable water clarity is legendary.
Its color is a deep cobalt blue with generally a high gloss, as if the flow had been given a coat of blue varnish.
It is a cobalt blue hexagonal bead with beveled ends creating additional facets, with a lighter blue circle around the hole.
Roan reviewed a sample of the proposed cobalt blue tile.
The glaze is poorly bonded to the paste, prone to flaking, and has been observed in either an opaque white or cobalt blue.

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But now Miss America, World's champion woman, you take your promenading self down into the cobalt blue wate... more
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