coaxial in a sentence

Example sentences for coaxial

Their motion is driven by six computer-controlled motors attached to the gearbox by timing belts and the coaxial drive shafts.
The energy is then tapped and sent down a waveguide that is known as a coaxial cable to your television.
Signals through today's ubiquitous coaxial cables move at about two-thirds the speed of light.
He attached the pulse generator to a coaxial cable that sent pulses to a copper loop antenna.
There's no power cord, and no need for a coaxial cable.
But that's chump change compared with what coaxial cable can deliver.
Initially, it was conceived to replace coaxial cables and remove the need to drill holes and string wires.
The computers are hooked by coaxial and fiber-optic cable to a server, which provides updated game statistics and video feeds.
Units are available for cable-television wire, called coaxial cable, as well as standard antenna wire.
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