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Coax spring bulbs to flower indoors during winter.
For the new study, an animal trainer took six months to coax and cajole his five chimp study subjects to walk on treadmills.
Long ago, people celebrated by lighting bonfires and candles to coax back the sun.
Sometimes he stays out all night before she can coax him in.
We slowly walked the crate back to the den and everyone helped coax the musk ox calf out of the way.
We have to take her out and coax her into doing her business.
Shocked rice becomes sullen, and it is difficult to coax out its goodness.
Kate began to coax the egg's cytoplasm into the needle.
Yes, a good agent knows how to coax and cajole a regretful seller.
One of the great challenges in neuroscience has been learning how to coax nerves to regenerate after injuries.
The solution included chemicals meant to coax the cells to differentiate into the types of cells found in a trachea.
Within a few years, he had figured out how to coax these cells to form mature tubule structures in the lab.
When it comes to cooking, the only way to coax these hardworking muscles to tenderness is with gentle, moist heat-as in braising.
Unfortunately, it proved difficult to coax the stem cells to become skin cells in the first place.
Ground controllers are trying to contact the probe in the hopes that they can coax it to fire up its engines.
If they ever want to coax the general population out of their cars, they've got a long ways to go.
It all comes flooding back, the hours it would take to coax him out of one of his sulks.
Not even that gem could coax a fake smile from his charge.
It's a great, powerful nation down on one knee trying to coax-once and for all-these war-ruined people over to our side.
Hydrogen peroxide is so unstable that a slight coax from a silver catalyst breaks it down catastrophically into oxygen and steam.
Contrary to astrological myth, the moon cannot coax bodily fluids to migrate.
It recognizes parts: it can toss out bad ones and coax good ones to their proper places and orientations.
His manner was flat and emotionless, and he paid little attention to the therapists who tried to coax him back into the world.
The trick is to either grab shrapnel or coax it toward the planet, where it will burn up in the atmosphere.
There are a few little animals that you can coax out of their hiding places, and each has its own uses.
He is angry that they wasted time trying to coax some big firms to move to the state, while jobs were leaving.
As an economy develops, the state should coax firms into more sophisticated industries.
There are good reasons why water authorities are trying to coax us to drink recycled sewage.
Or he could coax them off the streets by bowing, or appearing to bow, to their main demands.
In that role, he helped coax some of the world's biggest technology firms into setting up offices in the city.
There has been deregulation, to lengthen shopping hours and to coax the long-term unemployed back into work.
In that case, it may well stand a chance to coax the public to accept small tremors.
The same approval procedures also apply for multiple-enclosure systems connected by coax cable.
Casting is usually done with an artificial lure, to coax fish into striking.
They are implementing a broadband coax infrastructure with a cable modem termination system for the broadband network.
Coax serving the antennas would be installed on the exterior of the smokestack.
His interview method was to coax rather than pummel.
They coax her to lie down on a big pad, using her to do their measuring.

Famous quotes containing the word coax

Kids are without a doubt the most suspicious diners in the world. They will eat mud (raw or baked) rocks, paste, crayons... more
...men give us most rarely that which we really want, not favor, but—Justice. Nothing is easier than to coaxmore
Do not let a flattering woman coax and wheedle you and deceive you; she is after your barn.... more
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