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The frock coat full of wadding, cut close to pull the figure into shape, gradually gave way to a looser but still precise jacket.
Get some spray-on white for your hair, a lab coat and a pair of welder's goggles.
The color of this tapetal layer varies to some extent with an animal's coat color.
We have one prof who wears shorts with dress shoes and dress socks and a sport coat or suit jacket.
The living room needs a new coat of paint, perhaps a fresh start for both of you.
They have a low water content, unusual proteins and a tough spore coat that is not present in the mature bacterial cells.
But images of him exist without that particular coat and hat.
Refresh old kitchen cabinets with a new coat of paint.
Little round yokes of the plain silk are hidden almost by the high-standing ruffles which gather on the skirt of the coat.
The fact is, putting on the white coat necessitates doing a whole lot of icky, messy work.
On top of this coat is still another coat of overlapping feathers.
Snow crystals sting my face and coat my beard and the ruff of my parka.
Rhinos and pigs wallow and coat themselves in mud, which protects them from the sun and helps to keep moisture in their skin.
Fleshy leaves are covered with a heavy coat of chalky powder that can be rubbed off.
The shirt doesn't really hide the armor underneath, so you're still gonna need that sketchy trench coat.
The puffy white coat with the fake fur trim fit perfectly.
She sticks the map in her coat pocket and takes off in a new direction, the suitcase rattling at her heels.
Suppose you had a coat you liked and somebody went into your closet and stole it.
The aptly named snowshoe hare has particularly large feet and a winter-white coat.
Some manufacturers coat rice with a talc powder for packaging and washing removes this.
Mismatched candlesticks become a fresh new set with a coat of paint.
Once the base coat is on the wall, however, you can use ready-mix joint compound for the second and third layers.
Next, to keep the tubing in place after you've situated it, tie it to a length of coat hanger.
Berger kept the existing pressure-treated wood retaining walls but dressed them up with a fresh coat of paint.
Wait for the car to warm up, and remove your heavy coat and hat and boots before you drive.
AS totems go, a doctor's white coat is a real bargain.
Mix all the salad ingredients together in a bowl, add the dressing, and toss well to coat.
Nearby, a huge five-star hotel is getting a final coat of paint.
And it pulled off the feat with energy provided by the solar cells that coat its single, curiously-shaped airfoil.
The bunny will go dormant in cold winters, but will put on a new coat of tiny green leaves to greet the spring.
Take something useful, coat it in diamonds, and it's a luxury gadget.
Sheepskin was frizzed and lightened so that it hardly resembled the usual shearling coat.
The one who hid a shotgun in a guitar case and three handguns in his coat.
But let's try to leave the emotional baggage at coat check.
All you need to cut off cellular traffic in your building is a good coat of paint.
But there was something about that coat of arms, writ large in public places, that rubbed some people the wrong way.
My husband wore a freshly ironed shirt with a sport coat and tie, all free of any mayonnaise stains.
Instead, two butlers stand behind a mahogany desk, ready to take your coat.
In winter, they sport a brilliant white coat that provides excellent camouflage in the land of ice and snow.
By the time the stove is on its legs, he gets reckless and takes off his old coat regardless of his linen.
Stir to coat kale with butter and add more salt to taste.
The idea is to dissolve the half-tablet on your tongue, rolling it around to coat your tongue as much as possible.
Others wonder whether there will be enough of the specialist chemicals that coat cells.
The sloth is the world's slowest mammal, so sedentary that algae grows on its furry coat.
The species seekers you write about were hardly the sort to set off in lab coat and pocket protector.
She updated the handles with a coat of yellow spray paint.
Of course, the trench coat has come a long way, too.
The feet bore shoes and stockings, both brown, and the blue of a velvet coat had faded to slate.
With a pastry brush, gently coat the back of each cookie with chocolate.
It happens every year: parents frantically seek the right coat for children.
Some thermal coatings are as thin as a coat of paint, so they can be applied to aircraft.
He wore a coat two sizes too large, lending a boxy heft to his shoulders.
The floors were patched and refinished, and the walls received a fresh coat of white paint.
Most of my free time is spent in an endless quest for the perfect bag or coat or dress.
Of course some things have changed since my trench coat days.
Two faded wicker chairs were given a coat of deep red spray paint in this outdoor makeover.
All three figures wore a coat of this on their faces.
Combine marinade and shrimp in a medium nonreactive bowl and toss to coat.
Secondhand furniture that's seen better days can be instantly revived with a coat of bright paint.
Coat one side of the second plywood square with a generous amount of glue.
Update an antique hutch or built-in buffet with a fresh coat of paint and a pretty fabric skirt.
In a large bowl, toss greens gently but thoroughly with only enough dressing to coat.
If you do this in the summer, the house can be aired out soon after the final coat is dry, and then move back in the next day.
Don your coat and shoes while waiting for your bags.
She returned from a trip there with a shearling coat that her friends admired.
In the unlikely event that you are far overdressed, you can always take the coat off.
Last week, one of the editors at the magazine asked me where she could find a great trench coat for spring.
Wear whatever you wear every day and add a sport coat.
These chemicals are the ones which cause this unsightly yellowing and until now the only fix was an equally ugly coat of paint.
Or, you can lightly coat the fish in flour beforehand, this makes the fish look much nicer when it comes out.
Then coat with flour, dip in the beaten eggs and finally coat with bread crumbs.
Forty years ago it became fashionable to use synthetic resins to fill the holes and coat the surfaces of decaying statuary.
Someone close to the family gave her a stuffed teddy bear that had a place for a picture of grandpa in its little coat.
If someone is concerned that such dress might not be flattering, allow said professor to wear a long leather coat.
The donor dog was chosen for his gentle nature and unique coat color.
As she's leaving, he gets her coat out of the closet and attempts to hold it for her.
Stir the seeds to coat them with oil, then spread them out evenly over the bottom of the baking pan.
Coat a flat surface with some flour and knead your dough into a ball.
One of my dogs tends to get smelly feet after a few weeks, but her coat smells clean, as do the other two dogs.
The beetle then emerges with a luxuriant coat of pollen, which it carries to other flowers.
Also, they have used it as a symbol of bravery and such on the coat of arms.
One mystery is the purpose of the fine, hairlike filaments that coat the crab's arms and legs.
These mice start with a full coat of fur, but once it falls out it never grows back.
Heat a griddle or nonstick skillet over moderately low heat and lightly coat with butter.
Gently rub each chilled truffle to coat lightly with chocolate.
Splash some oil into a heavy pan, enough to coat the bottom.
Coat with bread crumbs, making sure edges are coated well.
Set a grater in flour mixture and coarsely grate frozen butter into flour, gently lifting flour and tossing to coat butter.
Transfer dough to a lightly oiled large bowl and turn to coat.
Add beef, turning to coat, then shake off excess and transfer to a plate.
Sophisticated imaging reveals new details in a virus's protein coat.
The walls sport a fresh coat of white paint, and the bench tops are shiny and bare.
To keep water away, researchers coat the membrane with water-repelling silicone.
Many tissue engineers build organ-shaped scaffolds, then coat them with cells, using conventional ink-jet printing techniques.
If this is true then why not coat the inside of the sewage pipes in the house.
Not a sports coat but a buttoned suit with a starched white shirt and a pinned tie meant something to her.
He is wearing a blue officer's coat and a shirt open to his solar plexus.
He put on his coat and hat and went out to fulfill the day's doxology.
He was wearing a white coat, and he kept his hands clasped on his desk.
He was dressed in khaki trousers, a polo shirt, and a sport coat.
She tried a scissors kick and found herself fighting the coat.
He then took off his suit coat and neatly folded it, handing it to his attorney.
She would be dancing with the guy with the fur coat.
Lightly coat both sides of the tortillas with oil using a pastry brush.
Its capital is now a cosmopolitan city wrapped in a beautiful, ornate coat of history.
Heparin lithium is used to coat medical devices, such as blood-collection tubes, to keep blood from clotting on them.
The traditional pharmacist wears a white lab coat and counts pills all day.
Part of the dog's popularity stems from its appeal to allergy sufferers because its curly coat is less prone to shedding.
Unless you have a ton of extra room, it makes sense to carry your coat as well.
The physician before him wore neither white coat nor name tag.
Transfer the chicken pieces to the bread-crumb mixture and toss to coat thoroughly.
Add chicken pieces to beaten egg whites, and toss to coat.
They're ice-resistant, and could be used to coat instruments in polar conditions.
Or otherwise used to produce a thin coat rapidly, dipping is certainly fast if not so reproducible.
Through the years it has developed a coat of lunar dust, but it still functions.
The busboy was almost angelic in that white service coat, his eyes drained of innocence, the background a dark blur.
And carry it around in a bag or in your coat rather than in a pants or shirt pocket.

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