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The dictator of a country with a lot of coastline is killing his people.
Merely a lucky orientation of the coastline and the epicenter of the quake.
The water that is moved by the energy is also affected by gravity, explaining the flat body of water that hits a coastline.
He wouldn't be needing them because he would be following the coastline south.
So the engineers can simulate conditions along a humid, hot coastline at sea level, or atop an arid and cold mountain.
There is another complicating factor, too: humankind has crowded along the coastline and the oceans are rising.
As you zoom in on the coastline, more detail is revealed, so that it appears to get longer.
The coastline is beaded with spot after spot of great waves.
Though sometimes crowded, the prime coastline is so vast that you can undoubtedly find an area to surf all by yourself.
We bump along past stretches of gorgeous tropical coastline and snake through acres of farmland.
Those with smaller canoes and kayaks can explore the mangrove-lined coastline.
Ridges and valleys radiate outward from the peak toward the coastline.
Romantic activities nearby include tandem biking, horseback riding and nature walks through floral-rich coastline.
Most of this rugged coastline is undeveloped, offering visitors the chance to enjoy the natural world.
The territory has an extensive coastline, ideal for glimpsing the island from the water.
Seven of the worlds biggest cities are ports, and a third of the world's population lives on a coastline.
It was a vast, rocky coastline that was ideal for salting and drying fish, by a sea that was teeming with cod.
Now imagine that coastline being slammed by two major hurricanes in one season.

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