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In a roller coaster you can only see the back of people's heads, but on this you could see beautiful marshlands.
And rafting guides brave roller-coaster rapids in locally made kayaks.
Roller coaster connoisseurs tend to dismiss water rides as too slow, too tame, and too wet.
She has a roller coaster of a nose, unraveled hair, and sandal straps that look as if they're devouring her legs.
But while he survived the first scare, an eight-month roller coaster followed.
We set out to make a fun roller-coaster kind of ride.
The roller coaster increased tension but eventually led to talks.
Think about the last time you rode a roller coaster.
There are electromagnets that fire in sequence to propel the roller coaster.
The mission: stock the fingerlings to help restore a depleted population of native coaster brook trout to self-sustaining levels.
The wild roller coaster that goes up a giant hill, plunges down and goes upside down would have a high standard deviation.
Rides at the park include an alpine roller coaster and a sling shot that moves above the caverns.
Think of this game as starting a lengthy roller coaster ride at the peak.

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Dirty British coaster with a salt-caked smoke stack... more
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