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Such water can be found in all coastal regions and is a challenge to understand from space.
Four-meter-high walls of water charged through coastal cities, sweeping away cars and houses, and setting factories ablaze.
In some areas, coastal aquifers are depleted of water before they can refill naturally, leading to the intrusion of seawater.
Yes but all those rich folks live in the elitist coastal cities.
The flat coastal plains of the south give way to valleys, then hills and mountains toward the middle and north.
There is a regional variation, with inland areas being cooler in winter and warmer in summer than their coastal counterparts.
Not a bad ride, nothing particularly exciting, some coastal views.
If you're coastal or in a big city you might be able to find one cheap.
The warm climate, along with a rich canvas of coastal wetlands and barefoot beaches attract vacationers year-round.
Reverberations from falling coastal property and collapsing developers are being felt widely.
Could some of these wave power devices be used as part of a coastal defence system.
Fishing-nets, speeding ships, pollution and coastal development threaten the few that remain.
With news dribbling out from stricken coastal communities, the scale of the horror is still sinking in.
But in the past few months, as the number of foreigners investing in coastal property has dried up, so has the cash.
Create a coastal feeling anywhere with a miniature sandy scene.
Plant it in full sun in mild coastal climates, or part shade where it's warmer.
If you live near a coastal town, head to the docks-fresh anchovies and smelt are often sold as bait.
But what is not known, is that it performs equally as well in the cooler coastal plain areas.
In any area--whether coastal or inland--it's important to shield shade-loving plants from steady winds.
It keeps the coastal valley from getting too hot or cold.
Our two guides had suggested a shortcut across a coastal lava flow.
Still, some environmentalists and coastal homeowners want to block new farms and have existing ones dismantled.
Its murmurs grow even quieter and its bends more generous, looping over the coastal plain.
It is both rare and dependent, the last tenuous piece on a whirring mobile of coastal life.
The trait is unique in these strange and fascinating fish that inhabit tropical and temperate coastal waters worldwide.
But such largesse hasn't come without a cost, largely exacted from coastal wetlands.
When in coastal areas, stay alert for tsunami warnings.
It inhabits tropical and subtropical coastal waters around the world and has been observed clambering onto land to sunbathe.
Less desirable are the earthquake faults that lie beneath the coastal state.
Rising sea levels are bad news for residents of coastal communities and island nations.
Coral reefs are threatened by overfishing, coastal pollution, global warming and ocean acidification.
When sea otters are present, the coastal kelp forests maintain a healthy balance.
The powerful storm is unleashing damaging winds, blizzard conditions, huge waves and coastal flooding.
Fjords are deep coastal valleys formed by glacial action and flooded by the sea.
Manmade hazards include over-fishing and coastal development.
While coastal ice may be melting, what is the center ice doing.
But this year's disasters are diverse and widespread, affecting coastal regions as well as the heartland.
Ditto his decision to open coastal areas for offshore oil drilling.
Coastal winds stir clouds of fine-grained fecal dust, making you want to cover your face when you breathe.
In the last four years, the coastal counties have seen significant immigration, mostly from wealthy northerners.
He was untroubled by the attacks of experts, finding in the sneers of coastal elites validation for his agenda.
But you'd never find this mix of people in the coastal cities.
The cottages, built in a coastal style and painted pastel colors, are built to hurricane codes.
Tells about the constant coastal replenishment which is necessary.
After these areas of his body, however, the difficulty increased with the abruptness of a coastal shelf.
What local research shows is lessening dependence on seasonal migration to coastal plantations, not increasing dependence.
There is a census of coastal waters and a census of the abyssal plains, a census of coral reefs and a census of seamounts.
It also seems to favor coastal regions, whereas the brown- headed cowbird is happy inland as well.
The birds that frequent coastal wetlands depend on fish for much of their diet.
Some gut bacteria have borrowed their seaweed-digesting genes from other microbes living in the coastal oceans.
It's not unusual for such artifacts to hide under large coastal cities.
Behind an improvised wall of corrugated iron in the middle of some dull coastal flatlands, a mini killing field had been created.
Coastal residents were preparing for a possible landfall by the end of the week.
Those watching are witness to the annual migration of thousands of the fragile insects to this coastal city.
Even if you don't live in a coastal area, this is a good time to audit your homeowner's insurance.
Hypoxia is a major concern for many of our nation's coastal waters.
Coastal areas are rich with natural resources and support tremendous economic and social activity.

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