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When two digits tick by at once the thrill expands further as the grain gets coarser.
Impoverished herders, desperate to boost their income, cross-bred their goats with coarser-haired angora ones.
Furthermore, there is going to be a reversal to coarser financial instruments.
The important thing with leeks is to distinguish their two parts-the white section at the base and the coarser green tops.
Body and facial hair are also lost, but the hairs that remain may become coarser.
The group debated mandating coarser sandpaper to be used along the sleds' runners but ultimately chose to use the normal grade.
Where such a custom was observed openly, one can be sure manners could be even coarser on the quiet.
He is a glutton at heart, but considerations of health keep him from coarser food than plovers' wings.
The edges of the lower mandible are serrated with teeth much more prominent, coarser, and sharper than in the duck.
Sprinkle coarser herbs or sea salt over the chocolate with your fingers.
Raw sugar is from the first pressings of sugarcane and is coarser than white refined sugar.
Logically, the thicker and coarser the hair, the better insulator it should be.
When the whole kernel is milled, the coarser bran can be separated from the finer oat flour.
Hungry goats are sprouting shorter, coarser, less valuable fleece.
It is as if his late adolescence has simply been made coarser by beer, red meat, chapped from winter.
Limestone replacements can be performed with powders that are finer, as fine as, or coarser than the cement powder.
Many of the coarser dolomite crystals have dull to dead final growth zones.
Coarser grained gypsum settles out in or near the rim ditch and is scooped out to form the perimeter dikes.
Development of the surface armoring over this coarser deposit.
Thus, the finer data overwrote the coarser data but the coarser data filled in any places where there was no finer data.

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