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Coarse and fine image adjustments in both vertical and horizontal directions.
It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.
Add it before beating the whites into a coarse foam.
People dip their potatoes in coarse salt and edible clay.
But it was impressive nonetheless, especially for the detail it gathered from measurements that are still extremely coarse.
Of coarse this is mostly theory right now but it is a question of time and development.
Allow to rest for ten minutes then cut the meat off the bone into large chunks, season with coarse sea salt, and serve.
The nets stand perpendicular to the prevailing wind, which blows fog into the coarse, woven plastic mesh.
Both minerals can be found throughout the world and form coarse-sized crystals.
It wasn't the kind you use on bulletin boards but something coarse and dark, the color of damp pine mulch.
Lightness is a sign of refinement, darkness is considered coarse.
She had taste and refused to allow what she considered the false note or coarse moment.
Satellite data was too coarse and aerial photos uninformative.
There are a few coarse clusters of human populations.
Of coarse he didn't come up with all of his ideas, but he understood them amazingly well and brought it to life.
The coarse weave was so open that the light came streaming in, so it was full of beautiful light to read by inside.
Coarse salt of any kind is not absorbed as readily and will affect the smooth texture of the dough.
The kidney is supplied with a coarse subserous plexus and a deeper plexus of finer capillaries in the capsule.
It consists of a cylindrical metal chimney, covered at the top with a piece of rather coarse iron wire gauze.
Add the butter and, using a fork, work it together with the dry ingredients until the mixture is coarse.

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