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Example sentences for coalition

Armed with such logic, a coalition of the hopeful is trying to buck the rude trend, even to reverse it.
It will take a global coalition of consensus to bring about clear decisive structured plans for the mitigation of global warming.
But the coalition is already collaborating on the legislative effort.
The coalition leading the opposition is a mix of ideologies and includes former regime members and expats.
It is the first time that different food preferences have been seen within one coalition of social carnivores.
Such are perhaps better evaluators than those who believe they personally or in coalition, stand to gain from a decision.
Against you is a strong coalition of interests and powers.
The outrage led to a new election and the formation of a shaky pro-Western coalition government.
But the ramshackle coalition that it leads in government has been racked by internal quarrels from the start, and could collapse.
Meddling with it can be dangerous-as the coalition is discovering.
Her reward has been signs of mutiny in her coalition.
Its proponents were a coalition of environmentalists.
He's pitiably low and uncool-giving him the wherewithal to create a coalition of the pitiably low and uncool.
There will be no coalition until poor whites are no longer poor whites and a coalition is unnecessary.
Instead, funding could come from a coalition of foundations.
Two party leaders have to cooperate in a coalition government, despite their political differences.
Politics is a little different in that one of the qualifications is getting a big coalition to support you.
The system was set up by a coalition of people, including normal, everyday citizens that are not affiliated with drug companies.
Take away the enemy, and you take away the glue that holds a coalition together.
Select a county name to see all the coalition members in that county.
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