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Example sentences for coalification

Coalification affects not only the organic matter in coal, but the mineral matter as well.
Coal that has been deeply buried has undergone a higher level of coalification caused by high temperature and high pressure.
Methane, formed during coalification, is stored in coal seams and the surrounding strata and released during coal mining.
It is likely that these products are also derived from lignin, especially lignin that has been altered by coalification reactions.
Lignite is a coal in the early stages of coalification, with properties intermediate to those of bituminous coal and peat.
With an increase in degree of coalification, the percentage of volatile matter decreases and the calorific value increases.
Methane is formed in coal during the coalification process and also as a result of bacterial activity.
Coal rank indicates the progressive alteration, or coalification, from lignite to anthracite.
Conclusions: that start in the peat stage and continue through coalification.
The coalification process, whereby plant material is gradually converted to coal, generates large volumes of methane-rich gas.
It is certain that the replacement took place early in the coalification cycle because the fragments are only slightly distorted.
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