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Example sentences for clutched

Once clutched, items could be decimated by gold-plated mirrors that focus sunlight.
Hair caressing a pillow, fingers clutched in prayer, a peering eye.
They clutched canes made from battlefield trees and remembered.
But the duffel bags they clutched kept their heads above water.
She placed her palms behind her and clutched the edge of the counter.
She clutched the steering wheel and the truck slammed into her, throwing her body forward and back.
He reached, and clutched it, and then almost lacked strength to haul himself out on the land.
It clutched at me with its crippled hand, and struck me in the face.
With both his hands he clutched the dust and ashes and showered them on his gray head, with ceaseless groaning.
His hand is still clutched around the missing door handle.
Susan clutched his suit and breathed deeply into it, as though by doing so she could give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
In the back, the three engineers clutched at the ceiling.
He even clutched his stomach to show how upset he was.
We clutched a grownup's hand in the darkened theater.
He immediately clutched his leg and players were patting him on the back.
He took off with the ball in one hand, then clutched it with both.
She clutched frantically onto metal as she looked down down.
They usually fly off with a large fish clutched in their powerful talons.
Toddlers clutched teddy bears with one hand and their moms or dads with the other.
He was sitting in the middle of the floor with a carbine clutched in his hands.
He picked up his queen from the board, clutched it tightly, and told me that he had to protect the land at all costs.
The buckets could be raised and lowered as counterweights, or clutched out and used separately.
With the picayune clutched tightly in her hand she went at once to the trading post, where she exchanged it for three needles.
She tried not to be nervous as she clutched her lesson plan and remembered how well her practice sessions had gone in training.
Clutched releases allow the user to switch from arm-and-leg rotation to arm-only rotation or leg-only rotation.
Rather than using a ladder to reach the gutter, the plaintiff clutched at a window frame to balance himself.

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