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It was refreshing to see such a colorful clutch after a season of so many neutral handbags.
The first clutch has hatched and some ducklings are already a few weeks old.
The latest clutch of business surveys were uniformly positive.
Also, the last few eggs laid in a clutch have a reduced chance of survival.
Investors had nothing to clutch on to, and much to discomfit them.
Why the instinct to clutch a wounded part of the body helps to relieve discomfort.
The gas, brake and clutch pedals not only look great, but have a satisfyingly weighty feel when pressed.
Maybe then those aging boomers would stop side-stepping the clutch pedal.
On encountering resistance from tissue, the wire buckles and the clutch permits the entire needle to move forward.
Shifting the manual transmission without a clutch took a little getting used to, but was really quite easy.
Next to them is a clutch of telephone sets, each on a long wire cord.
Several forays paid off with a clutch of long-lived species, including teak and po mu, a rare cypress.
In pianists, for example, the fingers might clutch inward involuntarily every time they attempt to strike a key.
Back to school always means a clutch of new electronic gadgets.
It is due to deliver its first clutch of recommendations within weeks.
Her short fingers clutch a cigarette rolled in a corn husk.
Letting the engine run, and the clutch slip, one can remain pretty steady.
The nest contained a clutch of five eggs, opening up a new avenue of research.
Stay on your med's, this should keep your clutch from slipping.
After getting down to business, the pair will produce a large clutch of fertilized eggs.
When you put the clutch in, the car slows down and when you let the clutch back out you upset the rear wheels.
The engine features automatic start-stop technology and is mated to a six-speed dual clutch transmission.
Only an occasional clutch of poplars relieved the country's thirsty look.
They would clutch each other's mouths and stare, groan a couple of time and then walk away, feeling bored.
There is no clutch pedal because in traffic, clutch pedals are a nuisance.
Then it was time to push in the clutch and floor the accelerator.
The structured clutch is a snappy addition to a tailored wardrobe.
Eight- position clutch keeps you from overdriving screws.
Bush and a small clutch of his aides staring out at the cattle grazing his ranch here knew they had to appear to be taking action.
As he approaches the registration table, several cameras turn toward him while a clutch of fans gather behind.
Imagine, he suggests, a photojournalist covering a presidential speech whose audience includes a clutch of protesters.
Ten or so survivors get around the boat and clutch at its sides in an attempt to stay afloat.
He'd clutch her hand at the movies whenever a monster was on the screen.
In his talon, the eagle is holding a clutch of arrows.
Ripe eggs don't keep, which means a fish with a ready clutch of eggs must mate before dark or the eggs will be wasted.
Then he needed a new clutch plate and had to drive a hole through a piece of steel.
Key to the design is an electrically controlled clutch, which disengages a module when necessary.
The coupler lets you mount the flywheel and clutch to the electric motor.
But there may be a silver lining yet to take shape along the weakened seams of this all-but-empty, high-fashion clutch.
The light clutch pedal is easy on your leg, and it engages easily, which makes for smooth takeoffs.
But it was previously done using a ratcheting mechanism which required heavy solid parts such as a clutch.
The shift in tone was clear from the opening session, which featured a clutch of politicians more used to public deference.
The rest is made up of a clutch of different businesses.
The arrival was recorded by camera crews and a clutch of reporters, notebooks in hand.
But the eggs seem tuned to vibrations from predatory snakes attacking an egg clutch.
The clutch, consistent way he knocked those pins down.
The gearbox shifts automatically, disengaging and re-engaging the clutch on your behalf.
Burton's clutch blew on the start to the second segment, ending his night early.
We say he's selfish because he demands the ball in clutch situations.
He continues to be one of the game's top kickers and is clutch when called upon.
Brake and clutch parts must be wetted with water or amended water before taking any other action.
The evolutionary determinants of clutch size are a topic of active research.
If the clutch sheave fails, broken pieces could strike consumers, causing lacerations or bruises.
The other end of the long shaft has a small tooth-clutch armature welded to it.
Double-clutch if vehicle is equipped with non-synchronized transmission.

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