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But no one knows whether this indicates a trend or is simply a meaningless random clustering.
After all, the clustering of single nucleotide polymorphisms has been observed before, but its cause remains unknown.
If you see clustering, you gain confidence in a particular scenario because the models all seem to agree.
The dark matter problem can also be viewed as a question of the nature of clustering matter.
The clustering could be due to a specific hospital that misuses the pitocin and causes lack of oxygen to the brain at birth.
Brain power in this country is increasingly clustering around a handful of dominant metropolitan areas.
The dynamic among such specialized enterprises is known as clustering.
More and more people are clustering in urban areas-the world's demographic mountain ranges, so to speak.
Off the heat stir in one teaspoon of unsalted butter, which will keep the nuts from clustering.
Retail sales is another growth industry in which wages are clustering more and more at the extremes.
All this segregation by color is largely independent of that natural clustering by social grades common to all communities.
We introduce the idea of allegiance as a way of clustering these networks.
Clustering is the phenomenon whereby firms from the same industry gather together in close proximity.
So the researchers used a technique that is called clustering.
Technology, some predicted, would end this sort of clustering in city centres.
Furthermore: clustering people together reduces the cost of infrastructure development.
It needs to be balanced against other considerations, such as the clustering of skills.
In particular, it has not seen the clustering of firms and suppliers that is needed to create a self-sustaining industrial centre.
Critics of this view might respond that those aspects of production are characterised by clustering.
Thirdly, it is suggested that clustering of economic activities stimulates economic development.
The sheep responded by coming to him, clustering around, and lowering their heads.
More common is a pattern of shoving and clustering, which slows everyone down.
There was no clustering of autism diagnoses in the weeks and months after vaccination.
Crises have an inconvenient way of clustering around already distressed souls.
Oddly, though, rewiring a few connections has almost no effect on the network's level of clustering.
Mutations that result in clustering occur, and then increase in frequency due to selection.
Among these flies are cluster flies, so called because of their habit of clustering.

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