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It is especially attractive when clustered together in rockwork.
However, in my experience they are clustered in a few areas.
Oddly, the hotels weren't a problem because they clustered up sort of by accident.
The first settlement was a jumble of canvas tents, clapboard shops and saloons clustered near a muddy creek.
The cormorant nests are clustered on the ground on the outer fringes of the island.
The bicycle lamp sent a beam of strong white light deep into the uncanny foliage, heads clustered and hands worked.
The plasma and smaller blood cells continue on their circuit into a tube immersed in the liquid suspension of clustered pig cells.
The team hasn't yet tested objects that are clustered or overlapping.
The artifacts are clustered together in what might have been ancient, say, gaming halls or courtyards.
They were clustered in a little heap, after dividing in a petri dish for almost three weeks.
Ensembles can give you a large spread or the solutions can be clustered.
Initially, when a group of neurons is clustered in a network, merely linking them will cause a spontaneous pattern of activity.
The clustered commuters, he determined, were all looking at the aftermath of the first plane strike.
As it turned out, the asthma attacks tended to be clustered near the harbor and occurred on days that ships unloaded soybeans.
The federal territorial officers, with marshals and deputy-marshals, clustered in the federal camp.
The high-rises in these two urban-village cores are not clustered.
Clustered in a corner are younger staffers newly hired to oversee operations in five cities.
Forget about evenly distributed stalls clustered close together.
There were still nuts on the trees, each tightly clustered with two or three distinctly lobed leaves, which are technically husks.
Tracts of little houses are clustered in the shadows of their smoke.
Temporary wooden dwellings clustered at the base of the conical hills.
Why the early whales clustered together in the tooth wear diagram is probably a result of their tooth shape.
All the traffic clustered around one corner and jammed up.
Teenagers are clustered in groups along the walls, sitting cross-legged around candles.
It started when all life was microbial, the sun was dimmer than it is now, and the continents were clustered near the equator.
Open flowers are clustered at the top of the coil, resembling pieces of popcorn.
Scientists had debated whether stars in our inner galaxy clustered in a long bar, an oval, or a combination of the two shapes.
On the ground friends clustered, fingers crossed, breath held.
That's why when development occurs on a large scale it's important that it be carefully clustered and well planned.
Many engines would be clustered together in orbit to give enough power for interplanetary travel.
By the dozens, they clustered on my arms and legs and dive-bombed into my eyes.
Clustered around the collapsed building were scores of people, their eyes red, their faces weary.
Within each hexagon huddles a group of seven cells clustered into a gray blue arrowhead.
Popular talks or vending tables were easily identified as badges clustered around particular locations.
There's a lower limit to how tiny neurons can be, and many of them have to be clustered in a chunky brain.
Clustered management systems are quite capable of dealing with the remainder.
But these systems appear all over the sky, not clustered along a single plane.
But the whites who clustered together with their ethnic cousins did so by choice.
And interview subjects can be chosen from around the country rather than clustered together in particular areas.
There are thousands of them clustered around, on ledges and along stone paths and stairways.
Small houses and mobile homes clustered around a corn seed company and a couple of bars.
The buildings, clustered around a lake, are named after famous athletes.
Shops, restaurants and churches are clustered in a small area near the foot of the bridge to the mainland.
The homes of other mob figures are clustered nearby.

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