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Among these flies are cluster flies, so called because of their habit of clustering.
But what is emerging from this research is a cluster of biological markers that plant the bad seed in the brain.
Bees live on stored honey and pollen all winter, and cluster into a ball to conserve warmth.
The rose produces up to a dozen flowers per cluster.
What happens in the core early in the cluster's life determines the future of the rest of the cluster.
The resulting compression causes atoms from the cluster and the target to fuse, giving off a tiny burst of nuclear energy.
One sign of the retrospective stance is a wave of reprints, notably a cluster of anniversary editions.
New technology has permitted the intimacy that used to be possible only within a cluster to take place over long distances.
The new formation is known as the bullet cluster, because the gas forms a bullet shape in the smaller colliding cluster.
It only became so as the cluster dispersed in due time.
Wheels of cheese soften pungently in the sun, and flies cluster.
To find out more about a synonym, a user can click on it, which makes it move to the centre of a new cluster of words.
Each of the starlike objects seen in the image is actually a cluster of up to a million stars.
They are not reported to be merely a cluster of cells.
For even more drama, arrange a cluster of the leaves over a satin-smooth chocolate-frosted cake.
The probe indeed records a deficit, but it's only about half the amount predicted by galaxy cluster theory.
We urged the department head to pitch a cluster of new hires in that area to the dean.
Previous research showed that the galaxy cluster formed when two distinct clusters collided one to two billion years ago.
The team detected no evidence of a light-bending dark cluster.
Other eye-catching options: shapely boulders, a piece of garden art, or a cluster of empty olive jugs.
In the second image you can see the scores starting to cluster around the recipients of the scores.
Several flowers occur in the axils of the crowded upper leaves, forming a dense, headlike cluster.
Second, leaves tend to cluster near ends of branches and twigs.
Educators have mixed feelings about this propensity to cluster together.
In addition, there is a cluster of smaller structures in the middle.
Inside, cashew trees frame a cluster of gauzy mesh cages perched on a platform.
All bear showy single or double summer flowers with ruffled petals surrounding a central cluster of stamens.
Only cluster hires, who will teach rarely if at all.
Healthy brains produced a cluster that did not overlap with any of the diseases.
Behavior of galaxy cluster may shift thinking about gravity.
Each stem bears a broad, dense, flat cluster of dusty pink flowers in autumn.
But bundles of personality traits do tend to cluster together in people.
What they found is that each brand differs in how its ethanol molecules cluster.
To give the border visual punch, cluster a few plants whose flowers are bigger or of a deeper color than the surrounding plants.
Cluster lighted candles on a table or deck for serene atmosphere.
Make sure the bees are moving into a winter cluster.
Then, holding a small cluster of blooms in one hand, begin adding individual blooms.
Every so often a cluster of limestone houses and a steeple.
The decisive moment didn't take place in the main cluster of bees, but out at the boxes, where scouts were building up.
Behind him is a familiar landscape: a cluster of monitors, a world.
Each cluster contains a central seat of ritualistic power with wide roads radiating out to other communities.
Outside the henge and under the embankment, the project excavated a cluster of seven small houses.
It had earlier been mentioned to explain an ignored report of excessive velocities in a galaxy cluster.
They were joined by a cluster of other charters, supported by federal and state funds but independently operated.
When the long, thin ribbon of reddish dirt ends, a cluster of mud homes topped with straw roofs appears.
Data from individuals within a cluster are highly correlated.
Our sun might have originated in such a cluster but drifted away over time.
She will not consider being picked up, and she's one of the last to cluster around you when you bring them food.
Most likely, writing activates a cluster of neurological pathways, and several researchers are committed to uncovering them.
As these grow, harvest leaves from the outside of the cluster.
For an edible treat, tie a bow around a dwarf citrus tree or a cluster of strawberry plants.
We also slid the sticky boards part way into the hive to keep drafts from chilling the bottom of the bee cluster.
It was in reality not one house but a cluster of houses joined together in a rather haphazard manner.
The poet is represented as sitting easily on an old tree root, holding in his left hand a cluster of daisies.
She noticed, however, that every morning a fresh cluster of azalea-blossoms appeared among the flowers on her desk.
As she rose and stretched forth her slender hand, he gave her the asphodel cluster, but was careful not to touch her fingers.
Scientists believe the stars in the image are part of a stellar cluster in which a supernova exploded.
The red theme continues with a red-illuminated instrument cluster and red overhead and footwell lighting.
Touched-up pieces on the inside include a new steering wheel and different finishes on the instrument cluster and center console.
New stars are still being born, and they'll continue to sculpt the cluster's glowing form.
Beekeepers can manipulate where their swarms cluster using the attraction of their worker bees to their queen.
Ultraviolet radiation and violent winds from these stars have created a large cavity in the reddish debris enveloping the cluster.
Setting a cluster of color against a simple background will enhance the mood.
As you might expect, smart jobs tend to cluster in cities-but not always the cities you'd imagine.
When clever people cluster, they can bounce ideas off each other.
They fill up restaurants and drive up the prices of everything from apartments to art wherever they cluster.
If you use evenly spaced values instead, the two models' outcomes will cluster differently.
As a result, males tend to cluster around emerging females, jostling for position.
By day, the chichi cluster of shops hosts expatriate wives.
The cluster is in fact a textbook example of constructing your empirical evidence to fit your theory.
The unusual cluster of expirations will continue for another couple of years.
First, she laid a small cluster of eggs on the earthen floor.
Atop the beige vehicle a cluster of protesters rode jovially with three soldiers, one of whom was driving the tank.
On a screen behind him, a cluster of buildings shimmered, their color somewhere between silver and gold.
At the north end of town stands a cluster of neat concrete villas, painted ocher or white.
Nonetheless, the strange cluster of left-wing failures was an ominous development.
About then, people began to walk out of the auditorium and cluster in the lobby.
Teens cluster at kebab stands, which dominate the thoroughfare's culinary scene.
It was a town that was compacted together upon the sides and tops of a cluster of small hills.
Tiny beet seeds tend to cluster, so plants spring up in mini jungles that won't give anyone room to grow.
They cluster together through some unknown law of the synapses.
The buckyball has a net negative charge, while the metal cluster has a net positive one.
The state's dynamic life sciences cluster continues to thrive.
But when a voltage is applied to the electrodes, electrons bind to the metal ions, forming metal atoms that cluster together.
Here doesn't exist relevant way, how to determine, whether some cluster of random characters has some information or not.
Television screens seemed to be everywhere, and around each one a cluster of somber faces.
Especially if you have a cluster of huts to call your own.
As for the cluster bomb, it turned out to be old scrap.
The cluster must become the unit on which selection acts, and subsequent adaptations must occur in cluster-level traits.
It turns out that into each five- molecule cluster a sixth molecule insinuates itself.
The strange flying object is controlled remotely by a cluster of giggling engineers.
The first step in designing a cluster is to choose the building block.
The exact definition of a cluster computer will depend a little on who you ask.
The plants have sprouted but they have not yet sent their long, slender stems too far from the root cluster.
Anything that happens there can unsettle the other, much smaller, nations that cluster around it.
There is little air conditioning, and soon the hallway became stifling with the cluster of humanity.

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