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It clung to the false memory, preferring it to more literal happenstance.
At times waves came over the flight deck, and crews clung desperately to their planes to keep them from going into the sea.
Bodies washed up with all the skin abraded from their arms where they had clung to the doomed boat's gunwales.
If he clung to the gaiety of the beau, he never knew the beau's cynicism.
Such heads of houses and fellows as clung to the old faith either withdrew or were expelled.
The tin soldier did not speak, but clung still tighter to his gun.
He rushed in, and with both his hands clutched the rock, whereto he clung till the great wave went by.
It has been clung to and played out again and again as an exceedingly high trump by this blessed trio.
The fallen statesman still clung to his project with unabated ardor.
These former monopolies have clung on to a large proportion of the fixed lines that they ran under state control.
Historically, such settlements have clung to the higher ground on the flood plain.
One clung to state handouts and the idea that people had no choice: it disappeared.
For understandable reasons, though, the world has clung to the illusion of certainty and exactness.
They clung to life in the trees, but were poised to venture into more open country.
Subdued vendors clung to their postcards and tiny pyramid sculptures.
Turnover in the job market slowed as workers clung to the positions they held.
Refrigerators came loose, and stools slipped out from under the patrons who clung to the countertop to keep from falling.
Her shift was of a pale lime-green silk and clung to her, showing her beautiful, wide-apart breasts.
Babies clung to their mothers not for affection but because mothers provided food rewards.
For those who clung to their sign, it was a chance to reaffirm who they believe they are.
She has clung to that belief, granting fewer interviews as the years go by.
For instance, countrymen still clung to the belief that birds spent the winter hibernating in mud.
It finally stopped moving and clung to the shower curtain.
They clung to the rafters and found crawl spaces and hideaway places.
The crew pleaded with their captain to get into the small boats, to which they clung for survival throughout the night.
Remote regions clung to traditional building forms, long after newer designs were commonly embraced.
Perkins doesn't swim, so he clung to the side of the burning craft and yelled for help.
He noted the nails of his shoes and the iron ferrule of his staff clung to a rock.
We were terrified and clung to our bags and to each other.

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