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The material in the disk will eventually clump up into nascent planets.
It also works because photons happen to be particles called bosons, which can all clump together in the same energy state.
Light traveling through the matter clump is warped and distorted, a phenomenon called gravitational lensing.
They found that salamander regeneration begins when a clump of cells called a blastema forms at the tip of a lost limb.
Harvest leaves from the outside, leaving the center leaves to increase the clump.
The church or chapel formed one side of a quadrangle, in the middle of which a large clump of bananas were growing.
We tied a rope to a clump of serviceberry bushes and slid down it, leaving the rope in place for our return.
It also tends to clump together less than regular couscous.
But unlike more familiar metals, such as gold and copper, rare earths don't clump in single-element chunks.
As the particles clump together, though, gold's red turns to blue and silver's yellow turns to violet.
One is that viruses tend to clump together, which hampers their performance.
The economic geography of the world is lumpy, and talent likes to clump together into centres of innovation.
But it is odd that countries should clump together into two broad clusters.
Agglutinins are antibodies that cause the red blood cells to clump together.
As the gases cooled, the center of the cloud collapsed into a dense clump.
As the gases cooled, they coalesced at the center of each cloud into a clump no larger than our sun.
Each clump matches the known location of hundreds of galaxies.
Then the lacy brown clump hung a left, circled a piece of coral rubble, and darted after a speck of food.
In the case of continuous traits or factors, people are expected to clump at the boundaries.
Streams of falling water tend to clump into droplets as surface tension attracts globules of liquid in midair.
These plaques occur when so-called amyloid beta peptides begin to clump together.
The pieces clump together to form asteroids and bigger planets.
As a result, the material should attract electrons and create an opaque, metallic quark clump at the heart of the neutron star.
The study authors note that charging can change the way the particles clump and how they interact with rain.
Bowman's space becomes a series of tubules that clump and twist around within the kidney, almost at random.
It was quite a large sample, quite a large clump of brown, wooly hair.
The ship then came upon a clump of tangled vegetation.
Each bulb produces a clump of about five or six shallots, so that a pint of shallots planted may yield as much as three quarts.
Here, each little clump of cell phone pings reminds me of a story.
Well, it's complicated, but the basic idea is that economic activity wants to clump together.
Of course, not every cell in a clump pulls its weight.
He yanks out the rest of the clump to reveal only more loess, no skin or meat.
The material in the disk will eventually clump up into nascent planets.
One function produces a substance that makes the tiny wound-plugging blood cells called platelets clump.
Dark matter, which had been randomly scattered throughout the cosmos, starts to clump together.
The danger would be minimal if the debris all traveled in one clump in the same direction and at the same speed.
Suppose this energy developed the tendency to clump, then break apart and scatter, then clump again.
We dug some more and unearthed headless torsos and a clump of rusty bronze arrow-heads.
Inspection of the clump at this point will generally reveal weak or thin areas at the center of the clump.
Within each clump there is triangular ordering of the particles, and additionally the clumps form an ordered superstructure.
When the collisions occur the particles clump together forming floc.
The pollen may be carried as a dry powder in a brush of hairs, or moistened with nectar to form a clump or pellet.
Sage-grouse populations tend to clump into comparably smaller identifiable core areas.
Snow grains clump together, and they reflect less light than the many-faceted, smaller crystals.
These multiple stems are genetically identical and the clump can be referred to as a clone.

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