clubhouse in a sentence

Example sentences for clubhouse

The athletes and their coaches apologized for not having a clubhouse in which to serve tea.
He has furnished his cramped office clubhouse-style, with sports paraphernalia and souvenirs.
The one-story red-brick clubhouse fronts onto a well-tended, mostly flat course carved out of the woods.
So when she announced last week that she was pretty much closing up the clubhouse, publishing houses shuddered.
And if that kind of spectacle drives fans crazy, imagine how it could destroy a clubhouse.
We put all the equipment and everything on the first floor of the clubhouse.
He went back into the clubhouse and changed, and after that he was almost flawless.
He licked a chocolate ice cream cone as he left the clubhouse.
At the clubhouse, a wooden roof covers a dirt patch with a wooden picnic table and benches where players sip cans of beer.
Champagne was joyously sprayed throughout the clubhouse.
The western-themed clubhouse is a perfect setting for small meetings and group gatherings.
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