clubby in a sentence

Example sentences for clubby

There are a few dozen labs worldwide engaged in this research, and the atmosphere among them is laid-back and clubby.
In such a clubby, comfortable place, pronouncements about the origin of the cosmos seem a bit overreaching.
Before the financial crisis, the banking industry was too concentrated and clubby.
Friendly, he is clubby to the point of downright intimacy.
He was greeted at the clubby restaurant as an old friend.
The clubby atmosphere discouraged whistle-blowing against higher-ups.
Once the industry was clubby and opaque, the preserve of rich families and private endowments.
Those that get too clubby miss good ideas produced by outsiders.
But the council-clubby and complacent-was mainly interested in policing unethical behaviour, not poor clinical practice.
The clubby elite macroeconomists ignored these people.
In the clubby diamond world, much rests on whom you know, and who your friends are.
Today that clubby world is being shaken more and more by a handful of upstarts.
There is a palpable feeling that the corporate boardroom has become too clubby.
These can range in size from small swellings to large, distinctly clubby galls.
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