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Example sentences for cloying

The flesh was creamy and sweet, though far from cloying.
Palate entry is delightfully off-dry to sweet but neither cloying nor heavy.
At other times, though, it is cloying and even claustrophobic.
They also permit a degree of whimsy that may seem cloying in a restaurant.
The elusive truffle flavor cuts the cloying sweetness of the honey and is a natural with the cheese.
By doing so, he makes lyrics that could become cloying seem both understated and internationalist.
It's horribly cloying and cynical-and both of its stars are serial offenders.
Painting the woodwork a bright white keeps the look crisp, not cloying.
Occasionally, the solos were so choreographically rich that they threatened to turn cloying.
Helicopters circle overhead and the air has a strange cloying smell.
We feared a cloying sweetness from the maple walnut butter but, mercifully, this was not the case.
The movie eventually curdles into a cloying show business infomercial.
It is packed so full of gags and reverses-many of them pretty worn out-that it becomes cloying.
Once he won the election, things got even more cloying.
Too much cloying frosting, not enough delicious tasting cake.
Too many barrel-aged beers are cloying and needlessly hot with alcohol.
Yes, the writing is often cloying and the plotting uneven.
Another trick is to realize that cloying smells stick to surface area.
Abundant bonding and inspiration does not become intrusive or cloying.
Gift stores prominently display cloying teddy bears and expensive heart-shaped chocolates.

Famous quotes containing the word cloying

I equally dislike the favour of the public with the love of a woman—they are both a cloying treacle to th... more
Minerva save us from the cloying syrup of coercive compassion!... more
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