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Farmers used to allow nitrogen fixing plants such as clover in cornfields.
Clover honey, for instance, comes from bees that visit only clover flowers.
Horses, experimental subjects of the agriculture department, munch clover in the field outside his window.
Those who duck beneath the boughs encounter a path carpeted with clover and mugwort, traditional healing plants.
It is certainly what keeps many a fiction writer in clover.
Legumes, such as clover and vetch, can be seeded in grazed pastures.
Butter cookies are leaf-shaped, also cut in clover-leaf pattern, these tickled with egg yolk to give a golden hue.
Or he sees the odd tuft of tall fescue or white clover in the pastures, and he knows these plants can be toxic.
Sylphlike, whitetail deer amble into the backyard, cropping a dandelion here and a bit of clover there.
Digging the clover out takes a long time and kills the creeper in the process.
Try mild alfalfa and clover, more robust broccoli, and spicy radish and onion.
For others it is wild and artless, with shaggy trees and hiding places and children splashing in clover.

Famous quotes containing the word clover

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