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Summers are cool and cloudy, while winters are typically windy and rainy.
The principle is that night-time temperatures are usually much lower when skies are clear than when they're cloudy.
Here, despite being almost rainless, the weather is often cloudy and cool.
We wondered at the cloudy stuff but no one was brave enough to taste it.
Cloudy vision, double vision, or both may be the first signs.
The urine often has a strong smell, looks cloudy, or contains blood.
When liquids are added to regular cornstarch, it turns into a thick, cloudy gel.
The laser had trouble handling large salvos of rockets, or cloudy conditions.
On cloudy evenings, in contrast, the animals' movements are much more erratic.
When the day was cloudy, the wanderers indeed walked in circles, but not by turning consistently in one direction.
Even in a city you'll be able to see a few stars, if it's not too cloudy and your eyes are up to it.
Despite the brief reprise your vision remains cloudy, causing the words on the monitor to blur.
Spin it in place so that cloudy layer spools around it.
Actually, the newer evacuated-tube technology produces good hot water in colder climates even on cloudy days.
Cloudy nights stay warmer, but on a clear night, you can feel the energy being sucked right out of your body.
None of them will produce more than perhaps a trickle of token power after a few cloudy days.
And you still have no power for overnight or a week of cloudy weather.
Lots of rain, cloudy days, cool to cold breezes in summer.
Alcohol often goes cloudy when it reacts with biological material in the specimens.
Scientists have invented a plastic solar cell that can turn the sun's power into electrical energy, even on a cloudy day.
On moonless or cloudy nights the beetles could not maintain a straight path.
It's often difficult to spot the moon on cloudy nights or from brightly lit cities.
Cloudy, foggy and precipitating days significantly reduce energy production.
Choose a cloudy day to clean windows to minimize streaking, which occurs when the windows dry too quickly.
The vents emit high grade metals that make the water slightly cloudy.
Solar panels speed pumping on sunny days and slow it on cloudy days, so crops always get the water they need.
Because it was raining and cloudy, the starfish become even more apparent.
They come through the heat and the rain and the dead dark of the cloudy night.
If you count the sunny and the cloudy days of the whole year, you will find that the sunshine predominates.
As long as you are fortunate you will have many friends, but if the times become cloudy you will be alone.
The winter season is upon us, with a lack of daylight hours, cloudy days and temperamental weather.
Mostly cloudy with on and off showers and highs in the low-to-mid.
Select a cloudy day or a time of day when the sun is not shining directly on the waterfall.
The fact his future is so cloudy is an unfortunate twist of fate.
Cloudy with a chance of sprinkles late this afternoon.
Dead leaves drift on the green, cloudy water that's nearly to the brim of the six-million-gallon open concrete reservoir.
The cloudy, red parts in the image are tiny particles of dust illuminated by the star.
Most years, because of their brief duration, moonlight or cloudy conditions obscure the show.
The aquatic vegetation began to wither, and the water was getting cloudy.
Although it was cloudy and rainy for nearly all of our stay, the park was absolutely beautiful.
The outlook for that strategy is increasingly cloudy.
Without the cloudy water the chub became vulnerable.
Few rich-world businesses can feel confident about expanding capacity when the outlook for consumer spending is so cloudy.
And then there is the problem of storing it for use on cloudy days and at night.
The tropics would warm up, since they would be less cloudy, but not by enough to produce a net global heat gain.
What redeems the book is that he takes an honest, intelligent approach to a cloudy but serious question.
It has an internal battery which stores sunshine for cloudy picnics and can also be tapped to recharge other mobile gadgets.
Cloudy weather may also have cut the tempo of attacks on ground targets.
Although the travel portals' ascent has been smooth so far, the skies ahead are cloudy.
Computing should be done on personal computers, far from the cloudy cloud.
Mostly in the clouds under mostly cloudy skies w/ a slight chance of evening snow showers.
When it's cloudy, and at night, the system relies on stored electricity and the natural gas fuel cell system.
Reality deficit disorder justifies deformed decisions creating economic cloudy days.
Gently swish grains with your hands until water is cloudy.
Unlike many buildings, this one looks even better in a cloudy drizzle than in bright sunshine.
The cloudy skies were clearing, allowing increasingly unfettered views of the water below and beyond.
Much of the misbelief with which emotion has fantasied alcohol derives from a cloudy conception of its general metabolism.
When such light hits particles floating in cloudy water, it scatters in random directions.
If it's cloudy or less than spectacular, you'll get a second chance shortly after maximum, on the following night.
Scar tissue, formed from cells in the white part of the eye, can cover the cornea in a cloudy haze.
But if it's cloudy in the morning, you wait for a break in the afternoon and try it then.
It was a cloudy morning, intermittently drizzling, and the overcast sunlight provides all of the ambient light in the cemetery.
Whenever anything interesting is happening in the sky, it's cloudy here.
Emil tells me it's been cloudy where he is lately, which is too bad.
We didn't see dancing structures since it was quite cloudy and probably too far away, but the view was breathtaking.
Light rays are distorted by these crystals and this distortion gives home frozen ice a cloudy appearance.

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