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On such a day here, the surrounding peaks stab into clouds while fog droops into valleys below.
Tucked into one end of the kitchen is a stainless steel cabinet constantly filled with clouds of steam.
Most of us are more comfortable in the solid objects of the world around us and can't always follow you into the clouds.
It's a concerted attempt to seed the clouds with thinkers who are also doers.
Storm clouds boil up in the pink evening sky, and fog advances over the foothills.
But nobody ever thought to stop us or suggest that it was perhaps unwise to be scampering through choking clouds of insecticide.
The offset of the clouds and offset of the roof are parallels.
He is planning now to weave clouds using tubes dragged from airplanes.
And when you see clouds upon the hills, there soon will be crowds of daffodils.
By contrast, his critics seem to have their heads in the clouds.
Clouds drift closer from the north with a threat of rain.
Clouds are fascinating because they take on so many different, beautiful shapes and are constantly changing.
When the building was first built, clouds formed near the ceiling.
Mysterious holes in clouds made by aircraft may owe their huge sizes to a little bit of heat, a new study suggests.
Volcanic lightning is rare, and lightning between thunderstorms and ash clouds even more so.
Heavy clouds were casting large areas of shadow on the mountains.
At sunset, the horizontal sunlight enhanced the giant clouds.
In time, gravity causes these clouds to condense and collapse in on themselves.
As it rises, the moisture condenses to form clouds, which are jostled by internal turbulence.
With the effects of long exposure, the clouds and ocean became soft and even.
Rare electric-blue clouds on the edge of space have been putting on a spectacular light-show this week.
Clouds are composed primarily of small water droplets and, if it's cold enough, ice crystals.
Scientists have determined how turbulent air inside clouds causes rain to fall, according to a new study.
Desperate people have tried everything from firing cannons into the sky to lacing clouds with silver iodide.
More elusive forms, dubbed sprites and blue jets, flit above the clouds.
It comes from clouds that may be formed by sudden belches of methane gas from the moon's rocky surface.
Well, cloud condensation nuclei form clouds and in doing so help determine the reflectivity of clouds.
The artist's famous drips and swirls create fractal patterns, similar to those formed in nature by trees, clouds and coastlines.
Precursors to terrestrial life's distinctive chemistry apparently abound in the churning clouds of dust and gas in distant space.
Clouds form where and when the air drops to a temperature below the saturation point.
The group also filtered out errors caused by clouds.
In flight icing is where the airplane is flying through clouds made up of small liquid water droplets.
Condensation formed clouds inside and precipitation would occur intermittently in some portions of the floor.
Volcanic-ash clouds contain a lot of static electricity.
Such clouds would persist for an unusually long time because small water droplets are less likely than big ones to turn into rain.
Businesses postpone capital spending and hiring until the clouds clear.
Another would attempt to whiten clouds over the oceans by wafting tiny salt particles up into them.
These emissions are one of the best ways astronomers have to study the clouds of gas and dust from which new stars form.
It's then you realize: you're not looking at clouds but ice.
But this spring the same skyline became crisp, often beneath blue skies and innocuous white clouds.
He could detect shallower water by colour, and see the light of invisible lagoons reflected in the undersides of clouds.
Warmer seas impart more moisture to the winds blowing across them: more mists, more clouds, more condensation.
Large swaths of the state are also jagged and mountainous, with mountaintops frequently obscured by clouds.
Its latest attempts have included trying to precipitate the rainy season by seeding clouds.
Green and other color clouds were found in thunderstorms dropping hail.
As this rising air is carried downwind of the city, it cools, condenses and forms clouds.
As air rises, it cools and often condenses into clouds and precipitation.
As air rises, it cools, and its humidity begins condensing into clouds and precipitation.
Even more important, the warmed air keeps clouds from forming or even evaporates clouds.
As air rises, it cools and often condenses into clouds and precipitation.
Virga is rain that falls out of the clouds but evaporates in a layer of dry air below the cloud, and never reaches the ground.
Once clouds form, the drops have to grow large enough to fall though the rising air that creates clouds.
Inversions often prevent the formation of clouds and rain showers, but they don't always guarantee sunny weather.
If the rising air is humid enough, water vapor in it will condense into clouds and maybe precipitation.
The clouds were pretending to be clouds when in fact they were overheard comments.
Forests breathe feverishly, clouds sing softly, a golden oriole prays for rain.
Clouds in the staring sky transmit to each other, by means of slow signs, incredibly detailed information regarding him.
They would make him lie on his back looking up at the racing clouds while they tortured him in ways he could actually take.
The sky was a pale-blue dome suspended over motionless white clouds.
Rain came down heavily a half hour at a time, then pulled back into a silvery sky of fast-moving, fuzzy-bottomed clouds.
Pinkish summer clouds aren't so much reflected as drowned in turquoise, violet, and mud-green depths.
If you sent it up with a tennis racquet, you could put it into the clouds.
The clouds thinned out by noon, but that morning was cool and damp.
It was a calm, sun-filled day, crossed by peaceful clouds that gave no hint of any natural disaster.
There is an abrupt harmonic shift that has the effect of sun breaking through clouds.
But they didn't, not even after the clouds moved in and it began to rain.
There were smoke clouds around, clinging to the ground.
Surface qualities vary almost-but never quite-enough to suggest pictures of something: clouds, perhaps, or foliage.
Dark clouds looming, the stadium lights blinked on at five-ten, two hours before sunset.
There was a pinch in the air, a scrim over the sun, and smoke-gray clouds scudding across the horizon.
The shadow of the plume on the clouds gives an excellent but eerie sense of the scale of this event.
As you read this, forceful explosions are rocking the planet, covering it in mushroom clouds.
The clouds are red and bright and one could read the newspaper using the light reflected by the clouds.
Interstellar clouds of gas are impregnated with organic molecules, the chemical ingredients of life.
Stars form when dense gas clouds collapse under gravity.
And shortly afterward it drew back up in top the clouds and started to rain fish.
Clouds sometimes form more quickly than the laws of physics seem to allow.
These cosmic rays would then have seeded the formation of clouds, which cools the planet.
In the northern climes clouds prevent effective collection of solar energy.
There are also those pesky things called clouds, smog and shadows.
Begins with low clouds, and it seems the clouds stretch off to forever.
In many of the dense clouds, called nebulae, new stars are born.
The two green glowing orbs are actually holes in the surrounding dust clouds, whose edges appear red in the image.
Still, as she deftly fashions her hair into a neat coil, she remembers how her husband would always compare it to monsoon clouds.
Attacking their statistics damages their credibility and clouds the nation's political and economic understanding.
It was a brisk morning, with clouds dappling the sky but no hint of rain.
Westchester was an abstract stroke of green between silver water and the light of river clouds.
And all of this spent driving through thick fog and clouds.
No one notices the clouds that are, quite literally, on the horizon.
Over the turquoise lake, beyond the eternal hemlocks, down through the clouds cut by rainbow.
Wish to write on petals a message to the clouds of morning.
Amid clouds of misstatements he relies almost wholly on insinuation and bluster.
Plaster clouds and torn clothes everywhere, the neighborhood blown out of its shoes.
When looking for synoptic scale weather patterns from space much can be learned looking at clouds.
Clouds exist in the atmosphere because of rising air.
Usually they look for high clouds or areas with a large amount of water vapor.

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