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And round my way the past couple of nights have been pretty cloudless and the stars beautifully clear.
It is pitch-dark on the mountain top and the sky is cloudless, perfect for astronomy.
Even on cloudless afternoons, perfect for haying, the dark nimbus of war hangs in the air.
From a cloudless blue sky the resplendent solar disk dazzles the eye.
But on cloudless days, the locals are well-prepared.
But not on the parallel tracks any more,that let me feeling to fly in the cloudless blue sky,freely.
In fact, it's a cloudless sky at the moment, and the temperatures are pleasantly warm.
Nothing is more boring than a perfect, cloudless day.
In the cloudless air, a stunning panorama of glaciated peaks ranged about them.
It's on those cloudless star-sprinkled nights that they begin to understand the true meaning of utter, mind-clearing silence.
Hundreds of thousands gathered under a brilliant sun and cloudless sky, drunk with empowerment.
The sun's rays beat down through cloudless skies and bake the land.
It was a bright morning, cloudless, with only a few wisps of mist lingering around the hills in the remote distance.
It was hot and muggy, not long after the end of the rains, and the sky was bright and cloudless.
Through cloudless blue, and round each silver throne.
Every day the sun rose and set in a sky of cloudless blue.
The moon was high and at the full, and all the lesser satellites of heaven shone forth in cloudless effulgence.
The air was fresh and cool, though the cloudless sky boded a hot noon.
It begins with a few dry weeks strung end to end, cloudless skies and hot weather.
Roads run straight to the horizon, the sky is cloudless and the mountains are a sequence of blues and ambers.

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