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Example sentences for clouded

The recurrence of his wavering inclination disturbed his repose, clouded his fond anticipations.
Beneath a clouded sky it faithfully remembers the sunshine.
And still the broken, clear and clouded heaven-and still again the moonlight pouring silvery soft its radiant patches over all.
With the yeast water, the pairs of minute granules are distributed throughout the liquid, which is uniformly clouded.
People looked anxiously toward the clouded windows, and a sort of fever came over them.
In the last six months, however, the vision seems to have clouded.
Some people who have small cataracts can see well enough around the clouded areas to live normally.
His predetermined position on this matter has seriously clouded his thinking.
For cause and effect to work over continuous lifetimes the mind must be clouded with conditions that prevent clear observation.
The city's narrow colonial streets were clouded by tear-gas and smoke from protesters' fires.
The statistics are clouded by bureaucratic rivalries.
However transatlantic comparisons are clouded by differences in the services covered.
But her eyes were clouded with cataracts, and one day she mixed up his pills.
But this is clouded by three other things: fury, an absence of ideas and more than a little craziness.
Human nature being what it is their view was probably clouded by greed and the expectations of their employers.
The incentive for making government more efficient and effective gets clouded by all these other issues.
My mothers emotions sometimes clouded her judgement.
But the weather was warm, again, and as the day drew on visibility was clouded by one of the increasingly common fogs.
The crystal ball's as cracked and clouded as the ozone layer.
Only with something as abstract as networking could the true value of a service be clouded for so long.
Baseball's rites of spring clouded by sudden deaths.
The accusations have clouded his campaign for a couple of weeks now.
Kitties that lived in forested habitats, such as clouded leopards, produced high-pitched calls.
Despite his keen intelligence, his self-knowledge was clouded by the belief that he was guided by a higher power.
Several times he opened his eyes, but his gaze was clouded, and no one knew whether he recognized anyone.
He looked back over the clouded water and shook his head.
In my opinion, the scientific merit behind their work is slightly clouded.
For the truly rich-even those clouded by investigations into sketchy multi-million-dollar deals-the fun will come to them.
Perhaps the view of the contemporary scene is equally clouded.

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