cloud forest in a sentence

Example sentences for cloud forest

Also, local farmers and ranchers clear cloud forest to expand their operations and harvest firewood.
Maderas has a protected cloud forest reserve, as the volcano is nearly always covered with thick clouds.
For a slower pace, hike through the cloud forest reserve up to the canopy platforms for a spectacular view.
Among the trees of the cloud forest are a variety of rare birds, as well as green vervet monkeys.
In higher reaches, an intermittent cloud forest provokes an eerie ambience.
In fact, its cloud forest habitat is being rapidly cleared for agriculture and other development.
Twelve acres of the cloud forest were restored during the construction of this boutique property.
The major threat to this species is loss of its cloud forest habitat.
As temperatures rise, so do the clouds, which means the cloud forest ecosystem will be dramatically changed.
Examine a tropical montane cloud forest via this immersive video experience.
The reserve's core and buffer areas sustain several of the largest patches of cloud forest found in the country.
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