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Example sentences for cloud cover

If you live near the ocean, the cloud cover and natural humidity may do your work for you.
Runways are in km and airport wind speeds are given in m/s and cloud cover in metres.
One possibility is that it is being reflected back into space by changes in cloud cover.
Then there seemed to be a change in texture in the cloud cover.
Some have evidence of the possible role played by the sun, cosmic particles and cloud cover.
The uncertainty is in the feedback loops in the climate system, notably cloud cover.
It was snowing, and the surrounding peaks were buried in cloud cover.
Radar and satellite images showing precipitation and cloud cover are now common on television, online, and in the daily newspaper.
Low cloud cover almost scrubbed the attempt for the second straight morning.
But in a cruel twist, cloud cover blanketed the sky and blocked the view.
Readings cover everything from dew points to cloud cover to wind speed and, of course, temperature.
But even adaptive optics can't see through cloud cover.
As if that weren't enough, the crew struggled against heavy cloud cover.
But that approach runs into problems with cloud cover.
There was some cloud cover and the balloon was into it and out of sight in a few minutes.
These different bands capture different information about the atmosphere and cloud cover.
The reason for the variance, the authors of the study say, is that patterns of cloud cover vary from one area to another.
The less reflective cloud cover the more solar heating on the surface.
For example, algae in the ocean can control local weather by releasing a volatile compound that helps promote cloud cover.
The problem is that cloud cover is not being used properly.
For example, higher temperatures probably cause more cloud cover, which reflects more sunlight.
There are other differences between day and night, such as cloud cover or wind speed.
Cloud cover reflects sunlight and reduces atmospheric warming.
In the short term it can create more cloud cover and a cooling period by dimming sunlight that reaches the surface.
Cloud cover is due to many factors including how the clouds are seeded.
When there's cloud cover and the roads are wet, they stay wet.
And whenever the sun's brightness changes because of cloud cover or the time of day, the inverter needs to find the new optimum.
Satellites and aircraft can measure only large-scale effects, and they're limited by cloud cover.
And then, perhaps four fifths of the way through your descent, you emerge from the cloud cover.
Darn mathematicians and uber scientists pulling a cloud cover over an otherwise sunshiny day.
But these days that frog is less likely to find a spot of sun, thanks to the increasing cloud cover.
It also helps to have a cloud cover since bright sun heats the helium and increases its buoyancy.
Will search tonight through any breaks in the cloud cover.
We should include more funding to ensure that these models include important actors, such as cloud cover.
We all know that cloud cover makes an enormous difference in surface and above surface temps.
They never look at the sky to judge the amount of cloud cover, or to try to estimate if and when cloud cover might break.
First test of the nations pride was conducted at night under heavy cloud cover.
Scientists have not been able to see the volcano for the past two days due to heavy cloud cover.
Go early to avoid cloud cover that may obstruct views.
The seas outside the picture windows were moderately choppy, large patches of which were darkened by an intermittent cloud cover.
Images of the sky are collected by a local computer, and processed into percent cloud cover data.
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