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The lowered pressure condenses the water in the air, creating a vapor cloud.
They guessed the resulting cloud of debris could contain as much as five gallons of water.
Water droplets from the mesocyclone's moist air form a funnel cloud.
Acid rain forms when pollutants in the air become trapped inside water droplets in a cloud.
Some of the pieces rise into the air as a moving cloud of icy particles.
The animals eliminate wastes near the surface of the water, leaving a thin brown cloud in the water.
One of the major dynamics of our water is its evaporation and cloud making abilities.
The particles may also contribute to cloud formation.
These cloud services can be provided by the government to many agencies or by outside technology companies.
Cloud computing is unlikely to bring about quite such a dramatic shift.
The apparent methane lake effect clouds detected under the cloud cap could be formed by either type of lake, experts say.
Look up in the sky near an airport and you might see some unusual cloud formations.
If you live near the ocean, the cloud cover and natural humidity may do your work for you.
Cloud services vary among companies so much that the buzzword can get awfully confusing.
Cloud computing is a threat to the economics of the software business.
It's been a bad week for commercial cloud computing.
Helens, a volcanic formation seems to come to life as it exhales a cloud of steam.
Instead of rocks in a landslide, think of the runaway electrons as shrapnel tearing up a path through the storm cloud.
And if that's the case, there has to be a dust cloud there.
Soft meringue has earned its fan base in this country as a cloud on top of lemon pie.
Average citizens have all kinds of options for storing their information in the cloud.
Yet the cloud will be based more on open standards than on proprietary technology.
As you climb up in elevation you'll eventually come into cloud forests with an exceptionally high diversity of trees.
The collapsing cloud separates into many smaller clouds, each of which may eventually become a star.
It's the plant responsible for the cloud of small lavender flowers pictured above.
The first step to moving your jams to the cloud is getting your musical house in order.
But after further study astronomers realised that there were no stars in it, and so it must be a cloud of gas.
In fact, its cloud forest habitat is being rapidly cleared for agriculture and other development.
Calling it a bird when it is a cloud may make it unusual but hardly seems conducive to remembering that it is a cloud.
The volcano's gas cloud lowers global temperatures by a degree for three years.
And terribly exhilarating to be in the middle of a cloud of swarming bees.
The cloud has provided so much storage for all the data collected.
The authors' earlier modeling attempts offered the first glimpses of the molecular cloud collapsing.
There was a big cloud of them hovering around the back hive.
The taxi disappeared around a distant corner in a cloud of its own dust.
In fact, aircraft often trigger lightning when flying through a heavily charged region of a cloud.
Amid a flurry of banners and a cloud of dust each year, the horses tear down the track.
Though frenzied seabed mapping clarifies the geology, economic incentives cloud the discussion.
All elements in this picture are lively,whether is fire or cloud or their red dresses.
He kept a fishing tackle box full of cloud negatives for enlivening lackluster skies.
Her admitted lapse of integrity has placed a cloud of doubt over all her work.
Expertise in cloud computing, net-centric computing, or information technology preferred.
It is particularly relevant in places where cloud cover is on the way.
In a tornado, a swirling funnel of air stretches from the storm cloud to the ground.
The personal should never cloud the professional in such situations.
As the gases cooled, the center of the cloud collapsed into a dense clump.
We often allow our zeal for sports to cloud our minds and prevent us to face serious questions, even regarding safety.
The spot, caused by the impact of a comet or an asteroid, is changing from day to day in the planet's cloud tops.
He blessed them all and drove off in a cloud of dust.
As the shadow rises, it breaks into a cloud of tautly ribbed sail, aflame in the tropical sun.
Nearly permanent cloud cover, blizzards, and fierce ocean winds keep the range shrouded in mystery.
First, warm, moist air rushed up into the the cloud.
Electrical imbalance intensifies within the cloud and between the cloud and ground.
Our solar system arose from a large, rotating cloud of interstellar debris called the solar nebula.
At the far end of the glacier you can see a puff of cloud rising over the terminal moraine.
But they couldn't escape the giant, greenish-yellow cloud.
The problem is that cloud cover is not being used properly.
Predictions about the appeal of cloud computing were on the money.
But the suggestive shapes usually turn out to be whitecaps or a cloud's shadow.
Caught in a gust of wind, a cloud of gray ash eddied through the car.
Welcome to the era of parental computing, or how the cloud makes children of us all.
Amateurs think the cloud is taking care of their data.
To make matters worse, a ceiling of cloud began to form as the wind quickened, settling in at about eleven thousand feet.
Three weeks ago, you couldn't live in a permanent wifi cloud.
Still, every few months on average an old rocket or satellite explodes, flinging a cloud of debris into space.
Every user-generated content platform, social-media website, or cloud-based storage service would be at constant risk.
Up above her was a tree in a pearly cloud of mistletoe.
The only cloud on his happiness was the separation from his children, which his poems sufficiently illustrate.
There is little debate about whether the cloud is a great technology evolution.
But an inability to predict the cloud's behaviour made matters worse.
Some firms bring in specialist advisers to plan, test and manage their technology set-ups in the cloud.
The cloud was so extensive that in a short time it had spread over the entire area and so thick that it caused darkness indoors.
Yet in this environment no silver lining comes without its dark cloud.
Alas, a dark cloud hangs over the mood of vindication.
Also, if you looked upward, you might see a funnel coming from a cloud overhead or off to one side.
Here you can ride through rainforests or cloud forests, seeing spectacular wildlife.
As air rises, it cools and the moisture in it begins condensing to form a cloud.
Air tends to sink near high-pressure centers, which inhibits precipitation and cloud formation.
If the air is in the sky, the vapor condenses into cloud drops.
News literacy is agnostic about how people are getting their news-from dead-tree media, the cloud, or anything in between.
There is a silver lining to this barbaric cloud hanging over the admission process.
But it turns out that the radioactive cloud may have a silver lining.
During summer and fall abundant rains can sometimes cloud views of the slopes.
With sufficient cooling, the air reaches saturation and small cloud droplets begin to form.
Hopefully cloud-cover data will improve with satellites recording the weather.
It seems that a possible method of evasion might be a system the deploys a large smoke cloud in the air.
The cloud can then act as a switch for a second beam, either letting it through or blocking it.
It would seem that with all the debris in creating a cloud it would be normal too have planets.
For example, higher temperatures probably cause more cloud cover, which reflects more sunlight.
Cloud storage is no longer in the early-adopter phase.
As moist sea air is lifted to the crest of the waves, it cools and condensation forms a cloud.
But cloud services vary between companies so much that the buzzword can get awfully confusing.
The paparazzi swarm with their cameras, the tourists swarm with their feet, and a cloud of volcanic ash swarms overhead.
It was pointed straight down and seemed to be wobbling and trailing a cloud.
Grief can cloud thought processes, and people who make abrupt decisions may regret them later.
It mixed with industrial pollution and formed a soupy cloud.
Cloud hosting allows companies more flexibility based on the resources that they actually need at a given moment.
It's one thing to design and build software to live in the cloud from scratch.
It's something else to move existing applications over to cloud-computing platforms, which many companies need to do.
New technology offloads processing from a mobile device to its cloud-based doppelganger.
New research reveals how to find would-be victims within cloud hardware.
Cloud computing providers tend to run entire data centers on one shared network.
It's also crucial in the power-hungry server farms that make up the cloud.
Some of those rogue atoms float into a nearby gas cloud and stick to fine grains of dust there.
Normally, stars form when a cloud of dust and gas starts to contract under its own gravity, heating up as the pressure rises.
These studies have already turned up a new, unexpected belt tucked between the innermost ring and the planet's cloud tops.
Finally a wildly spinning filament of cloud snaked out and grabbed at the ground.
The star surrounds itself with a cloud of this material, essentially enclosing it in a cocoon.
She did it within a cloud of sodium atoms cooled to a few billionths of a degree above absolute zero.
It hides in a cloud of sugar-carbohydrates-and it has only a few open spaces on its surface that are not covered in sugar.
If the ratio were smaller, the universe would be a lifeless cloud of cold gas.
At the top of one, thick smoke gushes from a candelabra of conduits, merging into a roiling cloud.
But more importantly, they also found twice as many bacteria within the oily cloud.
If you use your imagination, you can see lots of things in the cloud's formations.
Im not a physicists but couldn't a solution be firing a cloud of photos and calculate how long it takes.
Amazon says it plans to offer free storage for all cloud-related content.

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