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Ford announced its decision to close the plant several months ago but did not set a date for closure.
However, the drop was largely due to the temporary closure of a car plant.
Yet the facilities where these organisms are cataloged and studied are deteriorating to the point where some even face closure.
The last block on a long wall, called the closure block, is a bit tricky to install.
Most dealers have kept mum on the subject of closure.
Laboratories that do not comply with the deadline could face fines or closure.
The government is showing every sign of panicking at the prospect of the closure of car factories and shipyards.
Shell said in the process of the closure a larger flare would be visible.
In a news release the following day, the school blamed the closure on the seizure of its bank accounts by its major lender.
Canadians did not get the closure they had hoped for.
Both countries and their people turned much poorer when the rich were killed through closure or nationalization.
Even first-party games aren't safe from the dreaded server closure.
To produce another model required closure of the line and expensive retooling.
The high top and lace up closure gives excellent ankle support.
Your attempts to invoke closure demonstrate that it is you who lack an understanding of science.
Traffic plummeted, leading to the site's closure this week.
The university blames last month's closure of the distance-learning company, called.
The main pocket has a stretch-woven internal sleeve and is accessed by a simple flap with a hook-and-loop closure.
Scriptures have a tendency to exceed the boundaries of orthodoxy and resist closure.
The hook-and-loop closure lets you adjust the fit, and the slip-on style is perfect for getting through airport security quickly.
Forty-one graduate and undergraduate programs were slated for closure at the outset.
Snaps at the waistband and a zip closure with snap-over storm flap keep the wind out.
These pictures help us bring a sense of closure about the war.
We now have more details about what led to the closure.
She said she did not know how many people would be laid off as a result of the closure.
Its closure coincided with a steep drop in global e-mail volumes.
When he announced the site's closure last month, he blamed increasing law enforcement attention.
The revival began with the closure of some of the city's heavy industry.
Closure of this final starred card pends underway testing occurring this week.
Granted, the ultimate credential is the closure of a search with job in hand.
The closure of thousands of small factories is clearly worrying officials.
It's a rear pannier with a roll-top closure that comes with a shoulder strap, lasts forever and is virtually waterproof.
She offered what she could: not consolation, but closure.
Even the bag is high-quality, a thick plastic shell with a built-in zip-style closure.
They have recently announced the closure of hundreds of stores.
Conservationists and animal rights advocates have long criticized conditions on the farms and argued for their closure.
Expandable mesh pocket with flap-and-buckle closure.
She is, however, concerned with the obsessive need for closure inherent in the search for those answers.
It suspended operations that day and went into closure and liquidation the next month.
They yearn for closure and the end of consciousness to tie off the mysteries of this universe.
Mathematicians call this quality closure, and it gives them a warm, safe feeling.
Closure is necessary for their arithmetic operations to make sense.
My town has a bridge in need of repair that resulted in the closure of a major traffic route.
Premature closure generally leads to an unusually shaped skull.
It is the closure of one side of the suture that runs from ear to ear on the top of the head.
Despite the museum's indefinite closure, the garden alone offers ample reason to visit.
The last is of the drippy scion of the once-formidable founding family, who fails even to announce the paper's closure properly.
But right-wingers stoked public dread and polls soon showed significant disapproval of the closure.
Many times, closure is a celebration for matches that have successfully completed the program or reached the maximum age limit.
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