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Many of those high above slipped into ecstatic trances, closing their eyes as they swayed.
Others were quaint: he devised a clock based on the opening and closing times of various flowers.
Suppose it is within a gate which open is open at the hour of closing summer that is to say it is so.
And indeed the doom that is closing on us both, has already changed and crushed him.
By means of the rod s, the motion of the rod regulates the opening and closing of the valve.
There was talk here of closing a unit, it was saved because it was clearly part of the plan.
Students could quietly slip in the back of the room without opening and closing a noisy door.
Each side has three chances to persuade readers: opening, rebuttal and closing.
Should it stop the pore closing, however, it would imply that the rod could no longer get into position.
But if the three outsiders are to do that, they will need to take a view on what really happened in the closing stages of the war.
Second, they were paid for closing a county-funded prison nearby.
Include the example of the group they tracked over time during the closing activity above.
During our walk-through before the closing, the seller told us that all the appliances were in good working condition.
By adjusting the opening or closing of channels in cell membranes, opsins can switch neurons on or turn them off.
The glottis is closing completely after each opening.
Hopefully no-one put an unmerciful interpretation on the closing quote of the article.
It strikes me as a failure of good science writing to imply otherwise without closing the loop on your opening statements.
For example, the impact of closing airports in an area or regional vaccine efforts could be predicted.
The appropriate response, it seems to me, is to start closing the loop.
Bill never had a fixed closing hour but locked up as soon as he began to feel sleepy, which was usually around ten o'clock.
Describes acts of cruelty, such as the egg vendors arbitrarily closing the stall while there was still a line.
The two share a facial-hair style, and a habit of closing their eyes when explaining something recherché.
They appeared not only in opera but also in instrumental pieces, especially in the closing sections of concerto movements.
But it wasn't more than a few weeks before they were closing up shop and blaming the failure on a lack of customers.
He bends over the cheese, half closing his eyes, as if he were sniffing a flower.
But scientists now say that they are closing in on the root of the problem.
Opening and closing a hand quickly acts as a mouse click.
In closing, working together, finding solutions and helping our society is everyone's responsibility.
The closing gala film of the festival promises period romance and regal intrigue.
Stung by equipment, staffing and environmental issues, car dealerships are closing their body shops.
By any measure, the costs of keeping it open far exceed the complications involved in closing it.
It can also solicit offers and facilitate the transaction's closing.
These are the process of closing unneeded bases and the privatization of many functions of logistics and maintenance.
But now the projectile is closing in on the mixture's detonation speed.
The entire country keeps closing down because they are having trouble dealing with all the snow.
Inflexibility in processing would be closing out any alternate explanations, even in the face of contradictory evidence.
During the closing credits they have interviews with several of the astronauts talking about the moon hoax.
Now the team is closing in on what might be a writing system so unusual that it remained hidden for centuries in plain sight.
The servants' closing words turn from moral speculation to action.
And when they start closing the door, don't talk to them, listen.
The incentive can be applied toward the down payment and closing costs.
Newspapers contemplated not publishing on certain days, going online-only or closing altogether.
So when she announced last week that she was pretty much closing up the clubhouse, publishing houses shuddered.
He has stayed till closing, seen all the sights, heard all the jargon.
But not all closing prices are the same, and the differences may be important to you.
All state agencies and executive offices are required to submit this closing package.
The holding company was not included in the closing of the bank or the resulting receivership.
Information on starting, running and closing your business.
Following are some post closing matters that occur for many homebuyers.

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