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In the bedroom with a closet example, it would mean the amount of carpet necessary to cover the floor.
So, you can keep that tinfoil helmet in your closet for now.
One needs so little space to make a really useful laundry closet.
Much of the rest was air seeping out of a closet on our second floor, where a small furnace unit was located.
Under existing case law, only people with a key to a locked closet have apparent authority to consent to a search of that closet.
My my, all the skinheads came out of the closet to comment didn't they.
His fishing rod was in a closet where he lived, on the other side of the city.
Three levels of windows give every room a gorgeous view-even the master closet.
It's generally a life-changing event when people come out of the closet.
However, if its only purpose is to make closet racists, then that may be worse.
How said they are our closet as far as dna and what some test show they are smarter thanks brenda in calif.
Now all you have to do is get the duster out of the closet.
The time has come for us brights to come out of the closet.
People need someone to look down on so the skeletons in their closet don't seem so bad.
These firearms are all stored in a locked steel cabinet inside an interior closet in my home.
Don't begrudge a mouse the right cage because your office is in a broom closet.
They suggested you put it in a closet or under a bed.
They seem to have nested under the closet downstairs.
The police finally caught up with him, got a search warrant, and found a closet full of shoes at his home.
His closet full of identical blue, button-down shirts and khaki slacks eliminates sartorial dilly-dally.
If your budget is as tight as mine is, ask any friends who have professional clothing for a peek in their closet.
But a janitor caught jerking off in the supply closet would be gone so fast heads would spin.
As she's leaving, he gets her coat out of the closet and attempts to hold it for her.
Float along with us through your kitchen, closet, and daily routine to figure out your water footprint.
She desires to speak with you in her closet ere you go to bed.
Besides, every piece of furniture had been moved and every closet and corner in the room had been thoroughly cleaned.
Take every piece of clothes in your closet and see where they are made.
Inflation, for all its virtues, has some skeletons in the closet.
The room was little more than a large closet, containing a desk and a chair.
At bath time, she would lie in the tub and stare at the linen closet, which she thought housed a devil.
She'd left her clothes hanging in the closet and her high-heeled shoes in their shoe trees.
Max caught sight of his wolf suit hanging on the back of the closet door.
It cracked through the thin wood door of the back closet and the heavy pointed hook drove through his heart.
The techno designs could populate your future closet.
With one lover already under the bed, one hears the husband's knock at the door, and the second lover is crammed into the closet.
He had apparently followed her into a supply closet and declared his feelings.
More and more citizens of the world's last big communist country are coming out of the closet and declaring their wealth.
You've got to dig through your closet and change clock after clock after clock.
Time to clean out that horrible closet and rearrange the kitchen cupboards.
The gunman handcuffed the deputy, put him in a closet and went into the courtroom.
To extend a metaphor, he resided in the closet but kept its door ajar.
They are running more candidates who have been emboldened to come out of the closet as believers themselves.
Instead, he adroitly brought himself out of the closet, in a pair of speeches early in his national political career.
We work long hours on deadline in a little office about the size of a broom closet.
Firefighters found a fire in a closet of a rear bedroom.
They also searched a hall closet in a common area at the back of the duplex.
The closet was shared by the other tenant of the duplex.
The officers found over six grams of crack cocaine in the closet.

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