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Larger prides gained access to better territory, often the regions closest to river confluences where there was good hunting.
They are also compared to our closest living relative, the chimpanzee.
The user then gets a ranked list of the leaf's closest matches, as well as other information about the species.
Come face-to-face with some of our closest neighbors.
Flying lemurs are considered the closest living relatives to primates.
Click on a place that is closest to the location of the water source for your school.
Primates include monkeys, apes, and lemurs and are humanity's closest relatives.
Chimpanzees are modern humans' closest living relatives.
Marsupials are the closest living relatives of placental mammals.
It seemed the closest thing to a scientific miracle anyone could imagine.
Few of our closest relatives, the great apes, cooperate with each other as extensively as meerkats.
Based on a visitor's street address, the site generates a map showing the closest proposed nuclear transport routes.
The closest examination was allowed, and every witness was afforded an opportunity to apply his own means of verification.
He claims, implausibly, to have known nothing of his closest adviser's doings.
Of the wait-and-see brigade, it has long been closest to taking the plunge into the euro zone.
One way of looking at these questions is to compare people with their closest relatives, great apes such as chimpanzees.
Those closest to the ground may receive distorted instructions.
The bloodstream floods with endorphins-the closest thing to morphine that the body produces.
Scientists in the lab and in the field are closest to cutting-edge research.
Those will be the closest things to majors at the new university, which won't have traditional academic departments.
The students they fired on were far away, not the ones closest to them, nor the small group advancing on them from the side.
My own tack was not to tell, except for my closest friends on the faculty.
The closest thing to timeless any musical artist could possibly achieve.
By the time of closest approach, it was snapping photos once every four seconds.
At four light years away, these are the closest stars to our solar system.
Most rental car companies can arrange a shuttle to pick you up at the train station and drive you to its closest rental location.
And when a cross has been made, the closest selection is far more indispensable even than in ordinary cases.
The work of our closest contemporaries is usually hardest to estimate impartially.
The closest network and the smallest interspaces are found in the lungs and in the choroid coat of the eye.
We must understand that ties of trade bind nations in closest intimacy, and none may receive except as he gives.
There is a significant body of evidence that supports the idea that the chimpanzee is the closest genetic relative of humans.
In the scientific literature, the term eidetic imagery comes closest to what is popularly called photographic memory.
Other animals may whimper, moan and wail, but none sheds tears of emotion--not even our closest primate cousins.
One intriguing perceptual shift is coming from those who regularly observe our closest kin, the chimpanzees, and other monkeys.
They tend to start walking but develop muscle weakness in the part of the limb closest to the trunk, the proximal muscles.
Indeed, paleontologists have long puzzled over how turtles acquired their odd traits and who their closest relatives are.
Unfortunately, for middleweight holes these effects are too small for astronomers to detect in any but the closest galaxies.
Add yolk mixture to well and gently stir with a fork, gradually pulling in flour closest to egg mixture to make a paste.
Fuller, who is fifty-eight, may be the closest thing the world has to a fountain genius.
Earthworks, executed in remote locations, were the conceptual art that came closest to being popular.
The abandoned house closest to the writer's home had its own sad story.
What is true of our stars is true of ourselves: there must be some point at which you and history are closest together.
The closest galaxies, seen in the foreground, emitted their observed light about a billion years ago.
It occurs, so far as is known, only in human beings and perhaps their closest relatives among the higher apes.
Among commercial iced teas it is the closest to the homemade tea of my childhood-and in some ways better.
He is always the favorite in closest-to-the-pin contests at resort-hotel motivational conferences.
And in this sense, the historic form closest to blogs is the diary.
Of all the things humans eat with any regularity, bears come closest to being us.
Ultimately, he was able to stabilize me long enough to get me to the closest medical facility.
The closest mall and movie theater is one hour away.
Those nodes that are closest to the center are connected to more well-connected nodes than are those on the periphery.
The one that's closest to commercialization is phase-change memory.
But the closest it is to one side, the more chance you have to measure it at this side.
When a bow is drawn, the surface closest to the archer becomes compressed, while the opposite surface is placed in tension.
Based on the command, the technology finds the closest color in the image that corresponds to the spoken color.
Over a number of trials, the program works out the closest interval that she can reliably differentiate.
Instead the team added one in each of the firm's data centers, tasked with keeping track of its closest users.
Five were identical to sequences in chicken collagen, while frog and newt collagen tied for the next closest matches.
Weigh in on whose calculation is closest to the truth.
Start worrying in a few million years about a cosmic dust collision, when the sun hits the closest spiral arm of our galaxy.
But the ram accelerator isn't exactly a weapon, and its closest relatives aren't howitzers and cannons.
Strangely, the cells closest to the bacteria appear to be protected from the toxins.
Our closest cousins, chimpanzees and gorillas, have an extra set of ribs.
The closest relatives of dolphins and other whales is the hippo.
The closest relative to the elephants are the relatives of the sea cow.
There is a list of the commissioner's closest staff here and an address search form here.
Our closest living cousins, the chimpanzees, also display behavioral responses to signs of disease.
It turns out that every line is imbued with subtle and hermeneutically challenging messages, worthy of the closest of readings.
In a flat universe, patches of background radiation would be closest to their predicted size.
And if any animal could help to answer that question, it's the chimpanzee, one of our closest relatives.
Even for those closest to her, the extent of her distress was unfathomable.
It seems the closest art to prayer and where the shamans roam.
He's one of my closest friends and he's a brilliant writer and director.
Neither ever discussed their relationship with anyone outside their closest circle of friends-not even with their mothers.
When walking with a lady, a gentleman always takes the side closest to traffic.
From a fleeting experience of life at the closest it would ever get to perfect, he extrapolated an entire world.
The closest thing to a visible human being is the turret gunner.
Even the closest of marriages might no longer weather well once the prouder partner discovers that the weaker knows he is a phony.
His rage and frustration are directed not at real enemies but at those whose purposes are closest to his own.
Yet some of those closest to him described him as essentially solitary.
The only people in my apartment on that day were my closest friends.
Select the county you live in from the drop down menu below and find your closest veterans counselor.
Suddenly the image froze and then, only two seconds before the spacecraft's closest approach to the comet, the screens went blank.
Propping their camcorders and dropping their inhibitions, more and more couples are videotaping their closest encounters.

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