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The two adductors vary in their relative extent and in the closeness of their connection.
The closeness of one of the sharks, and its size, adds to the drama.
Here the closeness during childhood appears to bring about the same effect as blood kinship.
But done right, it can also increase feelings of closeness and affection and strengthen the bond between two people.
On closer examination the article is really talking about two distinct kinds of physical closeness.
Her closeness to the paper, and the story, is both a great advantage and a serious drawback.
Political and media elites as a whole-and the closeness of the two camps-are wearily deplored.
These are basic industries in which closeness to raw materials and markets for their bulky products is paramount.
He or she will conclude by telling a short story that speaks to the closeness of his or her friendship with the candidate.
They keep their partners at arm's length and constantly try to negotiate intimacy and closeness.
And, yes, status is often judged by closeness to the throne.
Campers enjoy the shade, sunshine, and closeness to the river.

Famous quotes containing the word closeness

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