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Look closely and you'll find signed copies from authors who have stayed in the room.
For faster coverage, space plants a bit more closely than normally recommended.
Along the bottom of the fence, closely spaced pickets keep out small animals.
If placed too closely, mulch can retain moisture and cause plants and trees to rot.
To block unwanted views, use leafy screens of closely spaced, fast-growing shrubs such as purple hop bush.
If you look closely, you can see that the cap at the bottom has been chewed through to form a little escape hatch.
Cover closely, and cook slowly four hours, keeping liquor below the boiling-point.
Cover closely, and bake two hours, turning after the first hour.
His immediate success proves how closely he was in touch with his contemporaries.
Add coffee to cold water, cover closely, and let stand over night.
Cover closely and bake slowly two hours, uncovering the last twenty minutes.
Few of his contemporaries had more or more closely attached friends.
Cover closely, and cook slowly three hours, uncovering for the last half-hour.
Closely related to the autobiography were the reports of newspaper correspondents and tourists.
If you push the rubber against an object, the paint-coated side morphs to closely conform to the object's texture.
Most of them are taken in sequences of one frame per second, closely resembling the true speed of the station in orbit.
PhD in physics or other closely related field such as applied physics or astronomy is required.
Terminal degree in one of these or another closely related area is required.
Academic libraries and scholarly publishers are watching closely.
Two out of three respondents said they had not followed the demonstrations closely.
We also want to more closely track them beyond that first semester.
The future of this field will be best served when practice is closely linked to research.
One long-held theory is that snakes are closely related to some group of terrestrial lizards and lost their limbs on land.
Although chimps and humans are closely related, the apes have suffered much at human hands.
Volcanic activity is closely linked with plate tectonics.
Earlier techniques using isolated germ cells worked only in closely related species of rats and mice.
They're bred using traditional techniques to closely resemble the wild cats' characteristic markings.
He had to be closely supervised and guided in social situations to make sure that his behavior was socially acceptable.
For now, the winning turtle's name is a closely guarded secret.
Sabertooths were large and muscular, similar in size-but not closely related-to modern-day tigers.
By now it should not surprise anyone that birds and theropod dinosaurs were closely related.
But in the meantime, it's somehow satisfying to know that woolly mammoths were so closely related to a living, trumpeting species.
If you look closely around the middle of the tail, you can see the traces of soft tissue.
Linked by common ancestry, stegosaurs and ankylosaurs were more closely related to each other than other kinds of dinosaurs.
These two populations are so closely related that they can interbreed.
But be sure to look closely at the family portraits.
Shoppers and sight-seers will be transported by mobile sidewalks that closely resemble giant conveyer belts.
Look closely to spot two lakes in this colorized satellite image.
The wear pattern on the fossil bone tools, they observed, closely resembles the modern termiting tool pattern.
But the technique helped to generate millions of boring, closely supervised jobs.
They would work closely with diplomats, then return to their labs and remain on call for special projects for another five years.
Scores on intelligence tests were not as closely correlated with academic achievement.
The conversation runs from the latest on number theory to the fairest way to decide a closely contested election.
The government says that it is closely monitoring the swine flu outbreak and is preparing for further spread.
Any cells used for therapies would be matched to patients as closely as possible to avoid triggering immune disease.
If you watch closely, you might see the zodiacal light, a faint triangle of light extending up from the horizon.
Please look at the evidence more closely before drawing a conclusion.
Part of the reason is that it is closely tied to our emotions.
But if wine prices closely track traditional commodities such as oil, buying wine will not reduce overall risk.
On the whole, bail-bond agents tend to work closely with the police, often bringing them in to help with arrests.
The election will be closely fought, with a number of possible outcomes.
Since then they have been closely monitored, and the results are disturbing.
Yet the state's fortunes are tied even more closely to the financial markets.
And defence-with all its strategic sensitivities-is something national governments always guard closely.
But there are clearly some steps in the manufacturing process that it does not supervise so closely.
It has strong links with the vibrant local business community, which is closely involved with the school and a keen recruiter.
If well-designed, they align the boss's interests more closely with those of shareholders.
But look more closely: the aisles are wider, the chairs sturdier and the tables lower.
Pastry-making, he insisted, was a science closely akin to mathematics.
Local television stations followed the story closely.
The molecules in such liquids are closely packed, but loosely arranged.
Or nameable, really, if you look at the wreckage closely.
Outside the walls of the villa, closely packed modern tower blocks rose all around.
Listening closely, you could hear how immaculately crafted these performances were.
How closely this truth touches the heart of this summer's various horrors, or near-horrors.
If you look closely, though, you can see them almost everywhere.
The caller sounded relaxed, but if you listened closely you could hear his voice welling with quiet anger.
Faith is not so much a binary pole as a quantum state, which tends to indeterminacy when closely examined.
In the past, when people grew up in closely knit communities, the community had its own ways of coping with the world.
And for that to happen you need to observe the world, closely and steadily, with a mind open to change.
Yet anti-immigrant backlashes don't always track closely with actual immigration.
Look at the data closely, and the neat hierarchy of selectivity begins to fall apart.
It has a decided interest here as being closely related to some of his later philosophical generalizations.
Nor is there any other nation of the world, with or without high taxes, that closely approaches us.
Technological advances were not closely coupled to scientific advances.
Those who don't follow politics closely could be forgiven for feeling surprised.
Those released should be supervised closely and returned to prison quickly when they re-offend.
Interns take part in company-wide meetings and work closely with the staff on a wide range of projects.
Closely followed-in view of the overall shortage of time-by patience.
As usual his grayish hair is closely shorn, his eyes sparkle, and he is grinning widely.
And by none more closely than other media organizations.
N o arts were more closely allied with noir than photography and jazz.
When you study these stories really closely, you realize that they don't make a lot of sense.
Bill worked closely with her on her announcement speech, the first of many he would edit extensively throughout the campaign.
H e scrutinized the video still more closely, watching it again and again.
No doubt he was happy to take the money and run before his management was too closely scrutinized.
What is truly alarming is how closely their stories resemble one another, according to their ages when they were abused.
In the first place, the towns follow closely on each other's heels, separated only by small intensively cultivated farming areas.
For a retailer to make the grade, they must have maintained their integrity and hewed closely to their original vision.
So scientists may need to more closely examine the possibility that gravity behaves differently in various regions of space.
Dental enamel contains considerable information because tooth growth is closely tied with the rest of the body's development.
But if you look closely, you can see that inside the leaf are hairs that all point down.
Take linebreeding, which involves mating closely related dogs with a desired trait-perfectly droopy ears, for example.
Until its official opening today, the building's exact height was a closely held secret known by only a few people.
He is now investigating whether this protection extends to other closely related family members.
There he was in a position to know what was going on and to closely observe the military leadership.
It is easy to see why commentators might expect the case to be closely divided.
In today's world, peace is closely connected with human rights.
Residents are supposed to be supervised as they care for their patients but not supervised too closely.
As they became more skillful and more closely bonded, their chances of survival would improve.
There is nothing about his family, to whom he was closely attached.
Experts agree that the number of cloture motions correlates quite closely to the number of threatened filibusters.
Because members of a family are closely related, they can be harmed by the same pathogens.
Over the past few years, there has been a drive to develop displays that more closely mimic the properties of paper.
Demo pictures included photos taken of an open book closely lit by a lamp, when normally the text would be unreadable.
Entanglement is the strange quantum phenomenon in which objects become so closely linked that they share the same existence.
He notes that some study subjects were outliers whose methylation did not correspond as closely to age.
Engage in your closely-monitored social interactions.
Such an expansion must be closely linked with expansion in population, environmental impact, and the consumption of resources.
In addition, employees might wonder about issues of privacy or feel uncomfortable about being monitored so closely and constantly.
These students will be followed for four years and will be scrutinized more closely than the first group was.
There was a time when the planets seemed to have a lot of potential, but only if scientists didn't look too closely.

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