closed position in a sentence

Example sentences for closed position

Residual magnetism had built up over time and the relays were being held in the closed position.
The housing shall have two heavy-duty stainless steel latches to secure the doorframe cover in the closed position.
Install valves in cabinets such that cover window cannot be in place when any valve is in the closed position.
No door shall be wired shut or otherwise secured in the closed position so that it cannot be readily opened.
Be sure the chute door can be securely latched in a closed position.
Consumers should immediately ensure that the latches are in the closed position.
Provisions shall be made for padlocking operating handle in either the open or closed position.
When activated these operators shall secure the pedestrian gate in the closed position.
The isolation valve must be rated for the manifold test pressure when in the closed position.
The cover shall be in a closed position at all times, except when the device is in actual use.
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