closed loop in a sentence

Example sentences for closed loop

She makes eye contact not with the viewer but with herself-watching herself watch herself, in an extended but closed loop.
It's the old marketing dream of synergy, turned into a closed loop of name-recognition feedback.
The weather is a closed loop, completed far above the surface by southerly winds.
Repeat after me: the banking system is a closed loop.
If so, this would mean that vital transactions were not scrutinised outside a closed loop of communications.
It is also possible that a time window could be opened up by a single string curved into a closed loop.
In a normally working reactor, such water is kept in a closed loop, and not exposed to the environment.
Out they spilled into the academic world, to become cited nicely in other journals and books, but it was an endless closed loop.
The algae are either grown in tanks or shallow ponds in either an open or closed loop system.
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